Dogtra 2502 T&B Training & Beeper Collar Review



The major thing we point out in this Dogtra 2502 T&B Training & Beeper Collar Review is that this is the 2 dog version of the 2500.

Both collar systems are intended for upland hunting, particularly at longer range, but this one allows you to control, keep track of and train up to 2 dogs from the same handheld remote.

In this review we identify exactly how the 2502 is different, along with other important information you want to know – such as what features it has.

Let’s check it out!


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Dogtra 2502 T&B Training & Beeper Collar Review

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How Is The 2502 Different, & Similar, To The 2500 T&B?
The 2502 allows you to control and train 2 dogs from the handheld remote, whilst the 2500 allows only one dog.

The 2502T&B also:

  • Has color coded buttons on the handheld remote that help you in seeing which dog you are controlling
  • Comes with a second collar receiver that is a different color to the other collar

The 2502T&B comes with a transmitter, 2 Receivers, a Battery Charger and 2 Splitter Cables, a Test Light, an Owner’s Manual and a Carrying Case.

To recap what the 2502T&B is designed for and it’s features:

  • Designed for serious upland hunters, and bird dogs
  • Has a 1 mile range of control from handheld remote to collar receiver
  • Has a beeper horn that is built into the collar
  • Beeper tones come in low to high, and are adjustable
  • There are 3 beeper modes – Run/Point, Point Only and Locate
  • There is also a static stimulation training option (shock) with 127 different levels (you control the static level with the dial on the remote)
  • The power output of the static comes in low to high – for soft to harder temperament dogs
  • The static stimulation can deliver both temporary (nick) and constant options
  • There’s an LCD display on the handheld remote that shows you the static level, as well as the battery charge level
  • The collar system as a whole is for dogs 35lbs and up
  • The system overall is waterproof
  • Comes with a belt clip
  • There are 2 hour quick charge batteries in the handheld and receiver


Where Can I Check Out The 2500 T&B Review?

You can check out the Dogtra 2500T&B Review guide here.


What Might Be The Best Way To Use An E Collar On A Dog?

For professional advice on using a shock or e collar, see a vet or a professional dog trainer, or animals expert.

But, in general, good e collars come with instruction manuals and guides that tell you how to safely and effectively use their product.

Look to buy from a reputable company that cares about the safety and well being of the dogs.

The best way to use an e collar might be as a temporary device for associating negative or undesirable behavior with a cue (such as a vibration or noise), or a stimulus (such as a nick/static stimulus).

They can be used to teach or retrain a certain behavior, and then put away. They may only be brought out again if your dog/s forget that behavior, or need retraining.

So, really, they could be used ideally as a temporary training and teaching tool (not permanent) for happy and healthy dogs. 

If you notice any negative side effects to your dog’s physical or mental health from using an e collar, discontinue use immediately.

The benefits of an e collar might be:

  • You don’t have to set the collar to shock if it has alternative options like tone or vibration
  • The lowest shock settings on good e collars will provide a small amount of discomfort, not pain
  • The feedback to your dog is instantaneous and not delayed
  • It works at range
  • It saves you shouting and getting frustrated
  • + many other benefits


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