Best Online Dog Training Courses/Programs For German Shepherds


Some of the best online dog training courses/programs for German Shepherd don’t have to be expensive, and some aren’t even paid – you can find some good free training information too.

In this guide, we outline the different places (online and offline) where you might train your dog, or gather dog training information.

This should give you a more balanced perspective to consider in training your dog, rather than us just throwing expensive online training programs at you that may or may not be effective (but, if you want to go that route – obviously there can be some good options).


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Best Online Dog Training Programs For German Shepherds

In the guide below, we outline these main options when it comes to training your German Shepherd:

In person training 

Blogs and websites

Video content, and video channels on platforms like YouTube

Affordable courses on learning platforms like Udemy

Private online training programs 


First, A Note On Dog Training 

You don’t have to choose just one of the options for dog training.

You may choose to gather information from a combination of these sources, and you may choose to train your dog both by yourself, and with expert help.

Pick an approach that works for you and your dog.


In Person Training

People will often ask – are there any good online dog training programs, or are you better off going to get training in person?

Some will answer that by saying that there’s often no real substitute for in person training when it comes to training any dog.

You may want to get in person training for at least:

Puppy school, and socialization

Basic obedience, basic commands and basic behavioral training


Beyond that, some people also insist that in person classes for adult intermediate obedience, behavioral training, and commands are also necessary.

A few of the main advantages of in person training might be:

Better engagement by both the trainer and the dog

Access to a professional trainer 1 on 1, or in a small group

Ability to work through training issues specific to your dog in real time


You can often find dog training in your local area with a quick internet search.


Blogs and Websites

There’s several blogs and websites with useful free information on training.

You can either search for free general training courses, or, for tips on a specific command or behavior correction for example.

A few examples are:

[We will name some useful blogs and websites soon]


Video Content, & Video Channels On Platforms Like YouTube

Video sharing sites have many channels dedicated to all types of dog training.

Video content on these platforms can be great for step by step visual training.

A few examples are:

[We will name some useful video channels soon]


Affordable Courses On Learning Platforms Like Udemy

Udemy can be a fantastic way to get great value for money and affordable online dog training courses – either for basic obedience, or for correcting specific behaviors

For those that don’t want to spend on private online dog training courses, Udemy can be a fantastic in between option between free content, and expensive private courses

A few examples are:

[We will name some useful Udemy dog training courses soon]


Private Online Training Programs

Reviews on different online training programs can vary

Some people think private online programs are great – especially the ones that offer additional free information, but have proven effective training by those who have undertaken the program.

Others think in person training is a far better use of money and time, and there’s no substitute for in person interaction and engagement either.

Online training programs usually involve a pre-set course, but can sometimes also or alternatively include a certain amount of video call time 1 on 1 with an expert dog trainer who can coach and train on your questions and issues in real time.

A few examples are:

[We will name some private online dog training programs soon]



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