Alice In Wonderland Dog Costumes: Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat + More



If you’re on this page, chances are you’re a big fan of the weird and wonderful story of Alice in Wonderland.

We all know there’s some zany but awesome characters in that story, so why not look at some of the best Alice in Wonderland dog costumes available.

From the Queen of Hearts to the Cheshire Cat, there’s some interesting dog costumes in the list below that will bring a smile to your face, or could be used for a special event like Halloween.

Let’s take a look!


Alice In Wonderland Dog Costumes: Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat + More


Alice In Wonderland Themed Dress

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Really cute little blue, black and white apron and lace costume that comes as a dress, with a headpiece. There’s also a little clip on charm that comes with the costume.

The frills, bow and card suite patterns all make the costume stand out.

Comes in 4 sizes from Small to Large.

Dog costumes always tend to run slightly larger or in most cases smaller than the stated measurements, so be sure to check this and the return policy before ordering.

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Queen Of Hearts Alice In Wonderland Dog Costume

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Really pretty red Queen of Hearts dog costume that will make your dog stand out.

It features a head crown, a white bunny toy, and the body dress with checkered pattern and a red dress, and of course the heart pattern on the back.

This size is an extra large, and it looks like it fits smaller dogs in the range of 5-10 lbs.

Check the actual size, and the return policy before ordering, as measurements aren’t properly given.

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Disney Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Dog Costume – Small

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A bright and beautiful little Cheshire Cat dog costume that features bright pink and light pink stripes.

The face/hood of this costume is also a highlight with the expressive face of the Cheshire cat.

This suit is fastened to your dog around the neck and stomach with velcro closures.

It is authentically licensed by Disney, and this Small size only fits small dogs up to around 10-16 pounds.

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Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Grin Dog T Shirt

Not a full costume, but rather a doggy t shirt with a cool design on it (and legs holes on the underside.).

It features the notorious Cheshire Cat’s grin/teeth with eyes in a mysterious green color, also with text 

You could pair this t shirt with a separate headpiece and a bandana for a cool dog costume.

There are small, medium and large sizes available – make sure you’re aware of measurements and accuracy before buying.

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Alice in Wonderland We’re All Mad Here Dog T Shirt

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Another doggy t shirt.

This one is a classic black and white color, and features the text ‘We’re All Mad Here’, with the mad hatter’s teeth.

It’s quite striking, and made of soft flannelette fabric.

Once again, you can pair this t shirt with a headpiece and other accessories to create a full costume.

This one comes in Small and large sizes

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Alice In Wonderland We’re All Mad Here Pet Bandana

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A simple polyester pet bandana that ties easily around your dog’s neck.

It’s a one size fits all piece.

You could use it to complement one of the above dog t shirts.

This one features the ‘We’re All Mad Here’ text with the mad hatter’s teeth/smile.

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