Winnie The Pooh Bear Dog Costumes Inc. Eeyore, Tigger & Piglet



The good thing when it comes to Winnie the Pooh is that there are a few super cute dog costumes to choose from.

From Winnie the Pooh Bear Dog costumes, to piglet dog costumes, tigger dog costumes and some people’s favorite eeyore dog costumes – there’s something here for most owners and dogs.

These costumes are great for halloween, or another event like a birthday or even a contest.

Let’s take a look at these fun and cute options!


Winnie The Pooh Bear Dog Costumes Inc. Eeyore, Tigger & Piglet


Winnie The Pooh Dog Costume

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Officially licensed by Disney.

A Winnie the Pooh Bear dog costume with hood and fabric that goes over the top of your dog. Also has a cute honey bee on the back.

There are two velcro straps for fastening around the stomach, and neck.

As a guide, Large is supposed to fit 30-50 pound dogs.

That’s probably one of the drawbacks to this costume – very little information is given on how it fits the dog with no measurement guides given.

Check the return policy before you buy just in case, or direct message the seller for sizes.


Eeyore Dog Costume – Extra Small

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Extremely soft and cute eeyore the donkey dog costume. The face on the hood is expressive and adorable.

It comes as a costume that you put over your dog and strap from the underside.

There are two fastening straps with velcro that you use.

One of the downsides to this costume is that it is for small dogs only with measurements of around 

  • Back: 7 Inches, Neck: 5.5 Inches, Chest: 12 Inches

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Tigger Dog Costume

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Really adorable orange Tigger dog costume with hood and tail.

It covers the top side of your dog, with velcro straps around the neck and stomach.

Comes in 5 sizes. For perspective, small fits around a 9lb dog.


Piglet Dog Costume

Not the most fantastic costume on the list, but it’s OK.

This is a plush costume with holes for your dog’s ears and leash. The measurements are:

  • 16″ from Base of Neck to Base of Outfit
  • 22″ around middle 
  • 17″ around at neck

There’s an adjustable velcro strap for the stomach and next of your dog for fastening the costume.

You may need to modify this costume to get it to look and sit properly as it’s essentially fabric that drapes over your dog.

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