5 Things To Know About Organic & Eco Friendly Dog Toys



Whether you’re thinking about it, or you’ve made the decision to buy, it’s good to know the ins and outs of organic and eco friendly dog toys.

Knowing how they differ from regular dog toys can make all the difference if you’re skeptical or they are slightly more expensive for any reason.

Below we list some of the features and benefits of these more natural dog toys in particular.

Let’s take a look!

(P.S. If you’d like to check out some organic, natural or eco friendly dog toys – we’ve put together a list with some popular ones here).


5 Things To Know About Organic & Eco Friendly Dog Toys

When you’re looking at organic, eco-friendly and more natural dog toys, you might like to pay attention to the following features and benefits:


1. Made With Natural Materials

Most organic or natural dog toys are made of naturally occurring materials such as wood, hemp, natural rubber from trees, or organic cotton or wool.

This is in comparison to synthetic rubbers, plastics and stuffings that might be found in normal which might not be biodegradable, can harm wildlife, and cause a range of other environmental problems and issues.


2. Contain Recycled Materials 

Containing recycled materials, or being made of recyclable material is a huge plus obviously.

It reduces our footprint on the environment, and is good for sustainability.

Some dog toys contain recycled polypropylene which has been has been collected, sorted, cleaned, reprocessed and used in new products.

Others are as simple as having a recycled bottle inside the toy instead of a squeaker, and this bottle can be replaced.


3. Contain Natural Dyes 

Some regular toys contain toxic chemicals, might have tanned leather, or contain paints or heavy metals that can be exposed to your dog.

Organic might contain natural dyes, which means you don’t get all the nasty stuff, but still get some coloring in the toy.


4. No Dyes or Toxic Chemicals

Some natural dog toys will have no dye at all and will be completely non-toxic – which means safer toys for your dog.

This leads to no harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, or phthalates.


5. BONUS – Made in Fair Trade Facility 

This one is more social, moral and ethical related than environmental related, but some toys are made in fair trade facilities.

By purchasing these toys, you are helping people who would not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so provide for their families.

We list a particular fair trade dog toy in this guide (the Octopus toy).


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