What Kind Of Dog Crate Is The Best For My Dog?



We’ve put this guide together to answer one question quickly and in a simple way:

  • What Kind Of Dog Crate Is Best For My Dog?

We list all the different types of dog crates you can get, what you might use them for, and what’s good and not so good about each type of crate.

Let’s check them out!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


What Kind Of Dog Crate Is The Best For My Dog?

Best Value Metal Wire Dog Crate (Up to 48 Inch Available) –  MidWest iCrate (on Amazon), MidWest Life Stages (on Amazon), or AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate (on Amazon)

Best Soft Dog Crate – EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate (on Amazon), or 2PET Soft Foldable Dog Crate (on Amazon)

Best Plastic Dog Crate – there’s several options that rate close together as the best, so check out the best plastic dog crates in this guide

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Crate – check out the Rough Tough Dog Crates, and the Gunner G1 Dog Kennel

Best Wooden Dog Crate – Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table (on Amazon)

Best Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate – ProSelect Empire Dog Cage (on Amazon)


Metal Wire Dog Crate

Metal wire dog crates are the most popular dog crate on the market because of their affordability, durability, and portability and ability to fold up.

They are made of thin metal wire, and usually have an easy to clean plastic tray base.

In our opinion, the most versatile and best value metal wire dog crate is the MidWest iCrate which is suitable for small through to large dogs.

Why Get A Metal Wire Dog Crate

  • If you want a regular dog crate that folds up and can be used at home, as well as transported easily

Why NOT Get A Metal Wire Dog Crate

  • If you want the strongest dog crate on the market or a dog crate for airline travel

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Soft Sided Fabric and Metal Frame Dog Crate

Soft sided dog crates are also quite popular. Their main strength is that they are very lightweight, and extremely portable. They’re great for camping and car travel especially.

They are made of nylon fabric, mesh and a metal frame.

In our opinion, the Elitefield and 2PET soft dog crates are the best value, with the Elitefield Crate making up to a 42 inch crate.

Why Get A Soft Sided Dog Crate

  • If you want a lightweight and portable dog crate

Why NOT Get A Soft Sided Dog Crate

  • If you want a hard or heavy duty dog crate

Reviews & Buyer’s Guide For Best Soft Sided Dog Crate


Plastic Dog Crates

There’s essentially two types of plastic dog crates – the heavy duty and specially molded crates like the Rough Tough Kennel and Gunner G1 crates.

These plastic crates are extremely strong and heavy duty, but lightweight.

Then there’s the regular hardened plastic dog crates that aren’t molded and are simply constructed on separate hardened pieces of plastic.

Plastic crates are for small through to large dogs, and are commonly used for airline checked baggage travel

Why Get A Plastic Dog Crate

  • If you want a lightweight, strong crate and you intend on transporting your dog around or flying with them

Why NOT Get A Plastic Dog Crate

  • If you don’t plan on taking the dog crate away from your home much, or don’t plan on flying with it

Reviews & Buyer’s Guide For Best Plastic Dog Crate


Wooden Dog Crate

Wooden dog crates are specifically indoor crates that are designed to stay in one place as they are made of finer and less durable wood type materials.

One of the most popular wooden indoor dog crates is the Crown Pet Products Wooden End Table. It comes in a durable wood that is similar to teak, and is finished in one of 2 colors – Mahogany, or Espresso.

The biggest size of this crates is: 

  • Large (27 Inches): 39.6″D x 27.2″W x 27.3″H > for pets up to 80 lbs. *Take roughly 1.5 to 2 inches off for internal crate dimensions

Why Get A Wooden Dog Crate

  • If you want a dog crate that looks like furniture and complements interior settings

Why NOT Get A Wooden Dog Crate

  • If you want a heavy duty or outdoor type crate for transport or being exposed to wear and tear and the elements


Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

Heavy duty steel crates are usually made of thicker heavier gauge steel bars.

They are for chewers, scratchers, destructive dogs and escape artist dogs.

The ProSelect Empire dog crates are probably the best quality heavy duty steel crates.

Why Get A Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

  • If you want a heavy duty dog crate 
  • If you have a destructive, heavy chewing, heavy scratching or escape artist dog

Why NOT Get A Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

  • They are expensive
  • If your dog will be ok with a standard metal wire crate, you don’t need a heavy duty steel crate

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Specialty Dog Crates


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