Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


There really aren’t too many other dog crates on the market like the Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate (we’ve written a guide on the Best Aluminum Dog Crates here)

It’s unique in the way it’s made and the fact it fits into the home, travel and heavy duty crate categories.

But, what is the crate actually like?

In this Trixie Dog Crate Review, we take a look at the pros and cons of the crate, who the crate might be for, and compare it to the other home, travel and heavy duty crates on the market.

Let’s dive into it!


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Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you want to go straight to checking out the Trixie Dog Crate, you can do so here:

*Dog crate bed is sold separately – you might look at the MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs (on Amazon)


TRIXIE Pet Products Scratch-Resistant Metallic Crate: Review

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A crate for home, car travel and airline travel use – but not 

It is made of mdf wood panels with scratch and smudge resistant melamine coating

The frame is an aluminum frame with tight fitting and hard plastic joints

Comes in 4 sizes + a double crate model

The largest size, the XXL, measures 37 x 37 x 34 inches externally, and is for dogs up to 150 lbs. It has a 20 x 37 inch tapered roof, and the crate overall weighs 66 lbs

Has a fitted non-slip carpet insert that is machine washable

All crate hardware is included


What’s Not So Good About It?

The materials are quite cheap and low quality  – for example, the board seems to be cheap particle/wood board or some other type of cheap board

Chewers will chew up the aluminium bars on the crate, or through the boards

The crate is a little difficult to put together

In reality, the crate doesn’t perform as well as it looks – probably best to consider other options

It says it’s designed for airline travel, but it’s not IATA 82 approved as far as we can see




TRIXIE Pet Products Scratch-Resistant Metallic Crate: Buyer’s Guide

What Size Dog Crate To Get?

You can do two things to figure out what size dog crate to get:

Measure your dog from their paws to the top of their head, and from the tip of their nose to the bas of their tail – make sure your dog has 2-3 extra inches ontop of those measurements in the interior dimensions of the crate 

Look at the weight capacity of the crate and make sure your dog fits with that weight limit


Should You Get A TRIXIE Aluminium Dog Crate?

Considering the money you would pay and the usability, construction and design of the crate – we wouldn’t spend our money on it.

It looks good in theory, but not in use. 

Unless TRIXIE spends time fixing the strength and design of the crate, look elsewhere.


What Are The Best Dog Crate Options Other Than TRIXIE?

The Proselect Empire dog crate is a heavy duty steel dog crate, and in our opinion might be the best of that kind on the market.

You can check out a review here:


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