Supergirl, Superwoman & Wonder Woman Dog Costumes



Looking for a dog costumes that makes your dog look like a female superhero but also pretty at the same time?

We’ve got just the thing with this list of Supergirl, Superwoman and Wonder Woman Dog Costumes.

Can’t let the boys have all the fun after all can we?

There’s a range of designs as well as sizes available below, so let’s check them out!


Supergirl, Superwoman & Wonder Woman Dog Costumes


Rubies Supergirl Dog Dress

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A beautiful classical Supergirl dress with the logo on the back. Slightly shiny in appearance.

Comes in 4 sizes from small to extra large.

Fits small to medium sized dogs, as an XL fits a 24-inch chest and 28-inch neck to tail.

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Tutu Dress Supergirl Dog Costume

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A really pretty tutu dress costume that comes with the dress and sleeveless shirt.

Gives your dog that kickass superhero look but also that feminine touch.

It is made well and the quality is great.

5 sizes available – but order a size up from what you think you need.

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Cape Supergirl Dog Costume

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A simple super girl cape. Good quality and easy to put on.

The red really stands out with the gold colored trim.

An officially licensed DC Comics Supergirl pet cape.

5 sizes available, and comes with an easy to fasten velcro strap.

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Sparkly Belt and Rhinestone Cape Supergirl Dog Costume

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A mixture of sparkly and style.

This costume comes with a shirt with glittery belt, and a rhinestone logo cape.

The leg holes are in a slightly awkward spot for your dog, so some minor modification might be required, or just dont keep it on your dog to walk around.

4 sizes available – order a size bigger than what you think you’ll need.

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Rubies Classic Wonder Woman Dog Costume

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A classic Wonder Woman dog dress with the yellow W on the back, and a cute Wonder Woman headband with a red star on it.

Available in 4 sizes – small to X Large.

Fits small to medium size breeds as X Large fits roughly a 24-inch chest, and 28-inch neck to tail length.

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Wonder Woman Dog Costume

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A wonder woman dog costume.

This is a great looking and easy to put on and off cape.

  • The cape is red on top with Wonder Woman symbol, lined with blue fabric with stars

One note is that there is very little velcro on the cape strap, so you may have to sew some on or use a safety pin if you want a stronger hold.

Available in 5 sizes.

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