Stuft Dog Bed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide



If you like dog and pet beds designed to look good inside your home, you’ll want to check out these Stuft dog bed reviews.

Stuft produce a range of beds including but not limited to their round memory foam bed, the urban lounger and the sofa plus. We’ve taken the responsibility of outlining the pros and cons of these beds.

We’ve also considered some alternate dog bed options in case you want to see what else is on the market.

Let’s take a look at them!


Stuft Dog Bed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Stuft Soho Round Memory Foam Pet Bed (on Amazon)

Stuft Urban Lounger Pet Bed (on Amazon)

Stuft Sofa Plus Pet Bed (on Amazon)


Stuft Dog Bed Reviews

Stuft Soho Round Memory Foam Pet Bed

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  • A round dog bed for dogs and cats that like to curl up
  • For small and toy dogs only
  • A very soft bed that is completely machine washable
  • Looks good and fits in with most home decors
  • Has some memory foam in the cushion of this bed
  • Has some raised walls for dogs who like bolsters
  • Measures 18 inches in diameter


  • Not a bed for chewers
  • Not for medium or large dogs
  • There are better orthopedic beds available

View the Stuft Soho Round Memory Foam Pet Bed (on Amazon)


Stuft Urban Lounger Pet Bed

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  • A lounger type bed with bolster sides
  • Made of a soft suede like material on top, with a cotton/poly bed body
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 31″ x 23″ – but, the sleeping area is slightly smaller than that because of the bolster walls, so take that into consideration
  • Best for small to medium dogs


  • For the price, definitely look elsewhere unless you like the look of the bed

View the Stuft Urban Lounger Pet Bed (on Amazon)


Stuft Sofa Plus Pet Bed


  • Cheap
  • Very soft wool like material ontop for your dog to sleep on
  • Bed is machine washable
  • Has bolster sides for your dog to rest their head on
  • For toy and small sized dogs only


  • Lacking support in the base
  • Lacks durability

View the Stuft Sofa Plus Pet Bed (on Amazon)

Stuft Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

Who Are Stuft Dog Beds For?

  • People looking for cheap dog beds that look nice
  • People looking for cheap dog beds for small dogs


Who Might Stuft Dog Beds Not Be For?

  • People looking for durable dog beds
  • People looking for dog beds for medium to Giant sized dogs
  • People looking for dog beds with quality support
  • People looking for dog beds that stand up to chewing


What Are Some Alternate Dog Beds Worth Checking Out?

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds 

There’s also a headrest version of this dog bed – Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed With Headrest (on Amazon)

Big Barker also have in our opinion one of the best performing and highest quality waterproof internal dog bed liners on the market


Bolster Dog Beds 

Stuft Dog Beds Replacement Covers and Liners

We could not find replacement covers or liners offered by Stuft.


Stuft Dog Bed Discounts, Clearances, Deals & Sales

Around certain times of the year such as July, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course Xmas and New Years, you might find that Amazon and Stuft offer specials, discounts, clearances and deals for existing stock.

However, this is not guaranteed – it’s up to Stuft and Amazon.


Stuft Dog Bed Coupons

You might coupons through certain promotions, but check with Stuft to validate that it’s an official promotion and the coupons are legitimate.


Can You Get Stuft Dog Beds In the UK, Canada and Australia?

If you order through Amazon, they ship to Australia, Canada and the UK.

If you go directly through Stuft, you have to enter your country and check whether they ship to your country.


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