SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro 320 & 430 Comparison


We’ve put together a short and concise side by side SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro comparison guide.

In this guide we’ve outlined which of these dog training/tracking collar systems might be better for different people and why.

We’ve done this by listing the main differences and similarities. There’s even even a link to the individual reviews of the TEK 2.0, Astro 320, and Astro 430, and even an Astro comparison guide.

You should get a good idea of which dog collar system suit your dog/s best.

Let’s jump into it!


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SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro 320 & 430 Comparison

You can go straight to viewing each of the dog collar systems here:

SportDOG TEK 2.0

You can get extra add on collars to add more dogs to the 2.0 system –


Garmin Astro 430

The collar receiver device for the Astro 430 is the Garmin T5 Collar Receiver – check out a Garmin T5 Review here.


Garmin Astro 320


SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro 320 & 430: Which Is Better?

This choice should be very simple.

If you want a tracking + training dog collar system – you’d consider the SportDOG TEK 2.0

If you want a tracking only dog collar system that is more advanced than the Astro 320 – you’d consider the Astro 430. But, SportDOG also does their TEK 2.0 tracking only model. Of the two, they are both good and have their own strengths and weaknesses, but we feel like the Astro 430 has a more detailed mapping system and tracking system than the SportDOG TEK 2.0 for more advanced and professional hunters and outside dog owners.

If you want a tracking only dog collar system that is a less advanced version of the Astro 430  or SportDOG TEK 2.0 Tracking Only Model, and has less features, consider the Astro 320


All you really have to consider is pricing.

You should know three other important things though, especially if you want some more choice or information in general:

We’ve put together a Garmin Astro 320 vs Astro 430 Comparison guide here if you want a tracking ONLY dog collar system and want to know the difference between the two

Garmin actually has a tracking + training dog collar system called the Garmin Alpha 100 – you can check out a Garmin Alpha 100 Review guide here

If you’re interested in comparing the Alpha to the SportDOG as a like for like comparison – you can read a SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Alpha 100 Comparison Guide here


We’ve linked you to a SportDOG TEK 2.0 review at the bottom of this guide as well.


SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro 320 & 430: Differences

We’ve already looked at the differences between the Astro models in the Garmin Astro 320 vs Astro 430 Comparison guide.

So, what are the main differences between the Astro models, more specifically the Astro 430 and the SportDOG TEK 2.0? –

The TEK 2.0 has a tracking + training model available

The training features available on the TEK 2.0 include static, vibration and sound/tone training options – obviously the Astros don’t have this

The TEK 2.0 provides up to 10 miles range from handheld to collar receiver, whilst the Astro 430 provides up to 9 miles range

The TEK 2.0 can support/track/train up to 21 different dogs on the system with different collar receivers, whereas the Astro 430 can support up to 20 dogs 

The TEK 2.0 requires you to purchase additional SportDOG TEK 2.0 collar receivers, whereas for the Alpha 430 it’s Garmin collar receivers – the T5 is built best for the Astro 430

Both systems have different water ratings for water protection – the TEK 2.0 Handheld Device is waterproof and submersible up to 5 feet and the GPS Collar is DryTek® waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. The Astro 430 on the other hand is IPX7 water rated for the handheld, and the T5 collar device is water resistant up to 32 feet

The Astro 430 comes with Garmin software and is compatible with a whole range of Garmin devices and other Garmin software, whereas the TEK 2.0 comes with SportDOG software

The T5 collar for the Astro 430 fits dogs a minimum of a 9.5” (24 cm) in circumference neck size, whilst the TEK 2.0 collar is for dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 10.75″ – 23″

The Astro 430 allows you up to 2000 waypoints, whereas the TEK 2.0 allows you 20

The Astro 430 batteries last about 20 hours per charge in the handheld and 20 – 40 hours in the T5 collar. The TEK 2.0 batteries last about 24 hours in the collar, and about 12 hours in the handheld

The Astro 430 allows you to count your coveys

The Astro 430 has city navigator mode and road route modes

The SportDOG TEK 2.0 allows Geofencing

The Astro 430 runs on an optional in-unit rechargeable nimh battery Pack or uses standard AA battery power, whereas the SportDOG TEK 2.0 runs on lithium ion batteries

The SportDOG TEK 2.0 has both HOPTEK and DRYTEK technology – both of which are unique patented technology unique to SportDOG


SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro 320 & 430: Similarities

We’ve already looked at the similarities between the Astro models in the Garmin Astro 320 vs Astro 430 Comparison guide.

So, what are the main differences between the Astro models, more specifically the Astro 430 and the SportDOG TEK 2.0? – 

Both are good for hunters, competition dogs, sport dogs, outdoor dogs and those looking for tracking systems

Both come with a tracking only system/model available

Both models use GPS + GLONASS tracking

Both handhelds come preloaded with TOPO maps

Both have similar tracking screens available – there are several different screens including map, compass and dog info screens. You can see how far the dog has travelled, where they are travelling, average speed and other tracking info

Both handhelds notify you about your dog being ‘On Point’ and ‘Treeing’

Both systems have roughly the same update rate – every 2 to 3 seconds

Both allow you to share information wirelessly

Both allow you to run the systems without running or using cellular data


SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Astro 320 & 430: Reviews

SportDOG TEK 2.0 Review

Garmin Astro 320 Review

Garmin Astro 430 Review

Garmin T5 Collar Receiver Review (compatible with the Garmin Astro 430 or 320)

Garmin Astro 320 vs Astro 430 Comparison

Garmin Alpha 100 vs Garmin Astro Comparison

SportDOG TEK 2.0 vs Garmin Alpha 100 Comparison


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