Spider Costumes For Dogs: Small & Large Sizes, & For Halloween



When you’re just looking for a creepy and crawly costume, or you’re looking for a halloween special, you’re going to love this list of spider costumes for dogs.

There’s costumes with small and large sizes, and they range from make your skin crawl, to cute little spider pattern neck ties.

Without further ado, let’s check out the spidery options!


Spider Costumes For Dogs: Small & Large Sizes, & For Halloween


Fuzzy Tarantula Spider Dog Costume

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A hairy, fuzzy tarantula costume with googly eyes – the perfect mixture of creepy and cute.

The legs can also be bent so the costume has multiple looks, and there is a slit in the back for you to put a leash through.

Order one size bigger than you think you’ll need as the costume runs a little small.

There are 4 sizes available – Extra Small through to Large.

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Halloween Dog Spider Bandana

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An adorable little bandana if you don’t want to go for the full spider costume. There’s a friendly little felt spider on the bandana that you tie around your dog’s neck.

Made of soft cotton, with stitched edges.

Choose between medium and large sizes.

  • Medium Size fits 8″-15″ neck line, dimensions are 21 x 6 inches (L x W) – more for small dogs
  • Large Size fits 16″-24″ neck line, dimensions are 25 x 9 inches (L x W) – more for medium sized dogs

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Fuzzy Orb Spider Dog Costume

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A really colorful freaky looking spider design, mainly due to the fuzzy spider hair.

This costume has straps around neck and waist, along with 8 bendable legs.

It seems to be more top weighted than alot of the other costumes and so you’ll have an easier time getting it to sit right on your dog.

It is designed to fits 14″ backs (in length). Probably best for 30lbs dogs and below.

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Spider Pup Dog Costume

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One of the more scarier looking dog spider costumes on this list.

It comes with a fur headpiece with googly eyes, and a fur costume with attached legs.

Keep your expectations in check with this one. Things that could be improved are:

  • The legs of the spider hang down and are floppy
  • It runs very small – order a size or two bigger than what you think you need
  • It’s no entirely covered with fur – the main body and legs are though

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Tarantula Lucy Dog Costume

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A very snuggly looking spider suit.

It is one size fits all – sized to fit most dogs up 24 inch chest circumference, 20 inch neck circumference and at least 15 inches long body.

In practicality it works best on shorter flatter dogs (such as corgis, daschunds, frenchies etc), as opposed to bigger longer dogs.

The costume has two straps underneath, and it can be tricky to get the suit to stay on. Once you get the legs positioned OK, it does have a better chance of staying on right.

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Tarantula Spider Dog Costume With Nippers

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Cute for smaller dogs.

Comes with a 100% polyester body and headpiece – complete with little nippers on the headpiece.

The body is very furry, and the legs are slightly smaller than other spider costumes.

There’s 3 sizes available – small, medium and large. The suit runs a little small, so it’s worth ordering a size bigger.

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Giant Spider Pet Suit & Costume

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The quality of this costume is good, but the fit leaves a bit to be desired.

It’s basically a stuffed spider animal with straps – and it’s very hard to get the costume to stay on unless you make your own modifications. Probably best to check out other costumes and come back to this one if you find nothing you like.

Comes with neck and stomach straps for fastening. The legs are also bendable.

Comes in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.

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Spider Girl Dog Costume

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Officially licensed by Marvel.

A beautiful and feminine little Spider Girl costume with a tutu/dress.

Comes in 4 sizes – the sizes do run a little big though so think about getting a smaller size than you think you’ll need.

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Spider Man Dog Costume

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Officially licensed by Marvel.

The costume consists of the spider man shirt and a hood/headpiece. One issue is that the headpiece has the ear slits almost in the eyes of the mask, so it doesn’t fit well or look fantastic.

Comes in 5 sizes – also runs big so order a size smaller than you might think.

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