Solo Automatic Pet Door Review Guide


The Solo Pet Door is another one of the automatic/electronic pet door options on the market.

In this Solo Pet Door Review, we outline the main features, drawbacks, and who the door may and may not be for.

You should get a quick and clear idea of whether this electronic pet door is worth your money or not.

Let’s check it out!


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Solo Automatic Pet Door Review Guide

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing the Solo Pet Door here:

*You can buy additional Solo Pet Tags (on Amazon) for additional pets to use the door

*For wall installations where the wall is thicker than 6 inches, you can buy a Solo Pet Door Tunnel Extension (on Amazon)


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Solo Pet Door: Review

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An automatic/electronic operating pet door

It operates and opens when the door senses the magnetic pet tag on your pet’s collar

Comes in 10 different sizes

Opening for the smallest size is 10 inches high by 8 inches wide

Opening for the largest size is 36 inches high by 14 inches wide

The door can be wall, or door installed

Door opens electronically, but it supposed to close using gravity

The door can be hard wired, or it can have a cord electrical connection

The distance sensitivity and the pet door’s opening time can be adjusted 

You can use the on/off switch if you want your pet door to remain closed and secure

For walls thickness installations, if the distance is 6″ or less, no tunnel extension is required. If the distance is 6″ to 8″, a 2″ tunnel extension is required. If the distance is greater than 8″, a 4″ tunnel extension is required.

Made in the USA



Not a cheap pet door

There can be little issues that affect that functioning of the door unnecessarily – the door could be easier to set up from a programming and physical perspective

The customer service could ALOT better and much more organised and professional – it seems to be hard to get parts replaced, returns accepted or issues with the functioning of the door fixed if you have them. The company seems to be quite small and privately owned which makes streamlining the customer service and making it quick very hard

The magnet tag that opens the door seems to be generic. It’s possible that other magnets can open the door which leads to security issues.

You have to manually turn the door off to lock it – there’s no automatic deadbolt or slide bolt feature



Overall, the door can work for some people. But, the big issue with Solo is that the company is independently run and doesn’t seem to have the capacity to deal with customer service issues with the door efficiently, quickly and professionally in a consistent manner.

If you have small issues here and there with say the motor or the sensor for example, it’s hard to figure out what exactly is wrong and how you can fix it. Because of the price of the system, even if the system itself is quality, it’s hard to justify paying the price of the system and risk it not functioning as you want it to and not being able to get help quickly, or being able to get it returned or repaired under warranty as guaranteed.

It’s worth looking at an automatic pet door like the High Tech Power Pet Door instead.

If Solo can streamline their customer service and make help and solving issues with their doors quicker and more friendly/professional, the door has potential to be a better purchase.


Solo Pet Door: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Solo Pet Door Designed For?

The door is designed as an automatic pet door that can be wall or door installed.

It is designed for pets that can fit through up to a 36 inches high by 14 inches wide opening.


Who Might The Solo Pet Door Be For?

People who want a automatic pet door

People who want an alternative to the High Tech Power Pet Door

Pets up that can fit through up to a 36 inches high by 14 inches wide opening

People who want a wall or door mounted pet door

People who want a programmable electronic pet door


Who Might The Solo Pet Door NOT Be For?

People on a budget 

People with pets who can’t fit through a 36 inches high by 14 inches wide opening

People who want their purchase to be fully guaranteed for repairs, replacements and returns regardless of where they buy it from

People who want the best customer service and the best help when they have issues with the functioning of the door


How Do You Install This Pet Door?

There’s no substitute for following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing their Pet Door product which should come with the door, or should be found on their website. They may also have YouTube videos to help you.

Solo Pet Door in particular is designed for regular exterior house doors. It can also easily mount between the framing studs of your outside wall, or be adapted to fit thicker or thinner walls, human doors, and sliding glass patio doors. A 6-foot extension cord and on/off switch are included, but doors can also be hard-wired from within the wall. The 4-inch thick Solo Pet Door can be installed by the homeowner, a handyman or contractor. 

Generally, for most Pet Doors you need to cut out a section of the door or wall, insert and fix a frame or tunnel extender into the wall or door, and then fix the door onto the frame.

This may involve using a jigsaw or cutting tool, a drill, a screwdriver (can be phillips head or sometimes a non standard screw is included in the kit so check this), and the hardware included in the pet door kit.

Sliding doors and aluminium frame installs are generally easier as there’s usually no cutting, but just rather inserting and sometimes fixing involved.

Some people choose to install themselves, whilst some people choose to get a professional handyperson to do it for them.


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