Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs: Reviews Guide


The Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs are a high density foam set of pet stairs.

Compared to regular hard plastic pet stairs, they provide both comfort and manoeuvrability for either pets with movement problems, or pets with short legs such as small dogs like Dachshunds for example.

In this Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs Review, we provide the main features and potential drawbacks of this soft but strong set of foam stairs, so you can figure out if it’s suitable for you & your pets.

Note that this review guide is complementary to our main guide on the best dog stairs and steps.

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Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs: Review

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High density foam ramp/stairs for pets

Can be used for pets up to 100lbs

The foam is strong, but comfortable and has some ‘give’ in it

Great for pets with sore joints, or to help pets with small legs that can’t climb or get down hard step pet stairs

Good for inside the house for locations such as the couch, beds, tables, and other furniture

Can also be used for cars

Comes in 3 sizes – small, medium and large

Small measures 14 in. H x 21 in. W x 20 in. D

Medium measures 17.5 in. H x 21 in. W x 25 in. D

Large measures 21 in. H x 21 in. W x 30 in. D

Comes in a range of colors to suit different inside color schemes. Colors available are black, buckskin, camel, chocolate and red

The micro suede cover on the ramp is machine washable

There are replacement cover available

Covers are hand sewn in the USA



For pet stairs, they are expensive

The incline can be too steep for some smaller dogs 

The stairs aren’t as firm as some pet owners would like

You’ll have to keep your pet’s claws clipped when using these stairs and you don’t want the fabric getting worn down

Fabric and foam might not be as durable long term as hard plastic stairs or ramps

Not as great to store as a fold down set of pet stairs



Overall, if soft but strong orthopaedic type foam pet stairs is what you are after, these are a very good option.

As long as you keep your pet’s nails rounded off, you shouldn’t have an issue the fabric wearing down.

For very small dogs that aren’t great climbers, you may want to look at a less steep pet ramp instead of this set. Having said that, small dogs and pets can use these stairs as they are made to be flexible and manoeuvrable


Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs?

It’s a high density foam set of pet stairs. The foam keeps it’s shape as your pet climbs or descends the stairs while still having some ‘give’ in it that hard stairs don’t have.


What Is The Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs For?

Dogs that need comfortable softer pet stairs with more flexibility in them

Older dogs or dogs with joint issues

Smaller dogs that can’t use hard pet stairs


What Is The Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs NOT For?

Pets over 100lbs

Pets that are too big for the dimensions of the stairs  – especially the width

Pets that have issues with steeper inclines

Pets that are destructive and can tear up softer foam stairs

Owners that prefer hard plastic pet steps for greater long term durability


Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs For Dachshunds & Short Leg Breeds

Some Dachshund owners, and other owners with short legged dog breeds, have found great success with these stairs as the steps allow their dog to climb, whereas hard stairs don’t have the same room to manoeuvre. 


Alternatives To The Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp/Stairs

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