Rider Dog Costumes



Rider dog costumes are a little bit different to most dog costumes because they have a central focus – the rider on the top of your dog’s back.

There’s several different designs/styles of dog costumes out there like cowboy riders, rodeo riders, jockey riders, horseman riders, and even Star Wars themed rider dog costumes.

Let’s check the different options out…


Rider Dog Costumes


Delifur Cowboy Rider Rodeo Dog Costume

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This costume features a saddle with a cowboy on top. The cowboy’s hat and triangular binder can be put on and take off.

The costume itself is soft and made of polyester and non-woven fabric. 

Available in 3 sizes – small to large.

Best suited for small sized breeds of dog. Large fits dimensions of Neck length: 19.7-25.6 inches, and Chest length: 25.6-29.5 inches.

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Saddle Headless Horseman Dog Costume

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A very cute polyester and cotton ‘headless horseman’ dog costume. It features a headless plush rider and adjustable Velcro chest and belly straps

Available in a small size only.

It’s best suited for small breeds of dog around 10lbs.

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Jockey Dog Costume

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This saddle and jockey costume looks so funny. It features a:

  • Navy blue-and-white-garbed jockey figure looks like it is riding the dog!
  • D-ring allows a leash to be attached, so costume doubles as a harness

Available in 4 sizes – small through to X large.

Best suited for small to medium sized breeds of dog. X large fits Chests 30-38 Inches, & Necks 18-26 Inches

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Bantha Rider Star Wars Dog Costume

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This costume is a Bantha jacket with attached rider and headpiece.

It only comes in one size that fits most medium size dogs, 15 Inch neck to tail and chest 17 Inch around.

The thing to note with this costume is that it doesn’t all that balanced on a dog’s back – you’ll likely need to make some adjustments and alterations yourself to get it to work.

The headpiece is also for dogs with small heads.

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Star Wars Dewback Stormtrooper Rider Dog Costume

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More of a costume for smaller dogs.

This rider costume is a green Dewback jumpsuit with headpiece, and an attached soft 3D Stormtrooper rider.

Available in only the one size – it fits dogs up to around 20 lbs as an estimate.

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NACOCO Cowboy Rider Rodeo Dog Costume

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Essentially the same costume as offered by Delifur but with different dimensions and a slightly different design.

Available in 2 sizes – small and large

Best suited for small sized breeds of dog, with large fitting a chest size of 17.3″-34.7″, and a neck size of 15″-23.7″. 

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