Reindeer Costumes For Dogs: Suits, & Antler Headbands



Whether the festive season is upon yourself and the family, or if you just want a light laugh, reindeer costumes for dogs can be a great idea.

The good news is there’s a range of costumes to pick from, from hoodies and coats, to simple headbands and headpieces.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reindeer dog costumes available!


Reindeer Costumes For Dogs: Suits, & Antler Headbands


Rubie’s Dog Reindeer Costume & Hoodie

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An absolutely heart melting reindeer costume with a cartoon smiley face on the back and antlers on the hoodie.

Although most owners find this costume good for their expectations, the two main issues that some people have with it are:

  • The antlers are a little flimsy
  • The neck hole is quite tight, and the body is quite long and loose

Aside from those things – it’s good for what you pay for it.

Comes in 5 different sizes.

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KOOLTAIL Funny Reindeer Coat & Costume

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A reindeer costume with lots of character – antlers, and a funny face on the hood.

Absolutely beautifully made with quality thin fleece that is soft – your dog will look very sweet in it.

Has chest, and neck velcro straps for extra support and adjustment.

Sizes are:

  • S: Neck girth 9″-10″, Chest girth 13.6″-15.2″, Body length 9.3″-10″ 
  • M: Neck girth 10.5″-11.3″, Chest girth 16″-17.5″, Body length 11.3″-12″ 
  • L: Neck girth 12″-13″, Chest girth 18.3″-20″, Body length 13″-14″ 

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Dog Reindeer Coat

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A charming little polar fleece reindeer coat/hoodie.

There are 5 sizes available.

Things to note are that the antlers don’t stay fully up, and this coat is probably only for dog’s as big as a chihuahua.

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Dog Reindeer Jumpsuit Costume

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Warm, soft and definitely one of the more cuter costumes on this list.

It is a jumpsuit that secures along the stomach of your dog.

Comes in 4 different sizes, but be aware the costume runs very very small. Order 2 sizes up on what you think you’ll need according to measurements.

For dog’s with longer necks, the hood can sometimes not reach all the way over the head.

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Outward Hound Bell Collar and Reindeer Antler Combo Costume

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A pretty simple dog costume:

  • A plaid nylon bell collar
  • Antlers with an adjustable strap – note though they are a struggle to keep on when your dog is walking around

Comes in three sizes.

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ZippyPaws Holiday Antler Headband

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A fun little headband with an adjustable elastic band for getting the right fit on your dog’s bed.

Small, and large antler sizes available.

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Holiday Dog Antler Costume

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2-Piece Set Includes: Reindeer Antlers Hat Band And Jingle Bell Collar.

The antlers have an elastic band, and the collar works with velcro.

More for small to medium dogs.

Note its hard to get the headband to stay on your dog’s head while they are moving.

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Small Reindeer Headpiece/Hood

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A soft fabric headpiece hoodie that has antlers on top.

It has a velcro strap across the front for closure.

For puppies and small dogs, and even cats.

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