Pros & Cons Of A Dog Door – What To Be Aware Of Before Buying


There are various potential pros & cons of getting a dog door.

From buying, to installing, to getting your dog to use one – we’ve listed both the potential positives and negatives you will want to be aware of.

We’ve also linked you to a guide of the best dog doors available right now so you can see practically how these pros and cons translate into the top rated dog doors on the market.

Let’s jump into and check out the list!


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Pros & Cons Of A Dog Door – What To Be Aware Of Before Buying


Potential Pros Of A Dog Door

They come in many different types of dog doors such as regular dog doors, weatherproof dog doors, heavy duty dog doors, high security locking dog doors, electronic/automatic dog doors and more!

They can be installed in many different mounting locations such as doors, walls, windows, sliding doors and more

They allow your dog to go outside without you having to be home

They allow your dog to go outside when you are home but without you getting up

Some dog doors are very quick and easy to install

Some dog doors don’t require you to cut or modify your existing sliding door or window – they can be removed quickly if required

There are cheap and affordable basic dog doors available for those looking for something simple and value for money

There are a range of sizes to choose from for a range of dog sizes

Most dog doors are quite easy and straightforward to install with minimal construction knowledge


Potential Cons Of A Dog Door

Some dog doors are expensive

Some dogs are scared of dog door flaps or panels, and will need to be trained to get familiar with and use them

Some dog doors may require you to get a professional to help with the install as they may require some retrofitting into an existing door like a french door for example

Some dog doors don’t seal properly and will let the cold in

Some dog doors come with weak or low quality fixings/screws

For most dog doors, you’ll probably need to make a trip to the hardware store to get additional screws, fixings and weatherproofing strips 

Automatic and electronic dog doors won’t always work reliably or accurately – they all have their own design flaws

A skilled intruder can probably find a way to get through the most burglar proof dog doors


Where To Check Out Some Of The Best Dog Doors?

You can check out some of the best dog and pet doors on the market in this guide.



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  1. Don’t forget, some dogs can also go outside and bark at will while the owners are not at home. In fact, I’ve noticed many of my neighbors have pet doors, which is great for their dogs. However, sometimes when they are not home the dogs will walk outside and bark for attention. Some dogs may bark for a long time, even when it is cold outside and getting late. The owners probably have no idea. Any way to eliminate that behavior, or maybe lock the door while away from home?


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