German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois: Differences, & Comparison

German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois

In the guide below, we compare the German Shepherd vs the Belgian Malinois dog breeds. We outline what the main differences between them might be, and provide other important information on each breed.   (NOTE: the information in this guide is general information only. It is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. … Read more

Best Dog Harnesses In 2023/2024

Best Dog Harnesses

  In the guide below, we outline and discuss some of the best dog harnesses on the market. We look at different types of harnesses, such as harnesses for pulling, car travel, for small and large dogs, and other types of harnesses as well. We also consider other important dog harness information such as sizing … Read more

Best Dog Leashes In 2023/2024

Best Dog Leashes In 2021/2022

  In this guide, we list some of the best dog leashes across different categories. We list the best regular dog leashes, but also dog leashes for chewers, for pulling, retractable dog leashes, and more. Let’s take a look at them!   (NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, … Read more