My Dog Keeps Getting Out Of His/Her Crate: Why, & How To Stop It


If you’re dog keeps getting out of his or her crate, congratulations, you’ve got a houdini hound on your hands!!

On a more serious note, we know this type of behavior can be frustrating, so we’ve put together a short and simple guide on what might cause it, and what you can do to stop it.

Let’s take a look!


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My Dog Keeps Getting Out Of His/Her Crate: Why, & How To Stop It


Summary – Dog Escaping From Dog Crate, & How To Stop  It

A dog might want to escape from a dog crate for a number of reasons (which we list in the guide below)

To reduce the 

Make sure you are doing all the basics like exercising your dog regularly, allowing them to get outside and explore, and you expose them to proper socialisation and obedience when they are young

Make sure your dog has ways to stay mentally stimulated during the day

Make sure the crate is in a comfortable and safe place

Make sure your dog feels comfortable and safe in the crate

Make sure you enforce the basics of obedience and boundaries within the house regularly 

Beyond these basic things, some dogs may need the assessment of a vet or animal trainer/animal behavior expert if the crate escaping behavior is a real problem


Why Does My Dog Keep Trying To Escape From His/Her Crate?

It could be any number of reasons including but not limited to:

– A lack of exercise

– A lack of interaction

– Separation Anxiety

– Claustrophobia

– General stress and anxiety about being in a crate

– Lack of crate training, or lack of quality crate training to get your dog used to, familiar with and comfortable with the dog crate. You can read more in this guide about dog crate training, and this guide also has some crate training tips


If you notice your dog looks stressed, anxious or manic inside the crate trying to urgently get out, it’s without a doubt the best option to take them out and see a vet to see what the cause of the behavior could be.

Your vet will help you with a health management plan, or if they don’t believe the issue requires medical attention, they may refer you to a behavioral expert or a professional dog trainer.

A professional dog trainer can help you put together a simple crate training program to get your dog more comfortable with the dog crate.


How Do Dogs Escape From Their Crate?

There’s 3 main ways dogs usually escape from dog crates:

1. Use their mouth, paws or body weight to undo fixings between the floor and walls of the crate, slide the plastic floor tray out, and get out under the crate

2. Use their mouth, paws or body weight to undo fixings on the walls of the crate, and use their head and body to force their way out the corners of the crate walls

3. Use their body weight to pop the locks on the door, or use their mouth to slide out the bolt on the door, and exit through the door


How Do I Stop My Dog From Getting Out Of His/Her Crate?

We previously wrote about 4 potential solutions for keeping a dog inside their crate including:

1. See a vet and professional dog trainer to asses, and modify the behaviour of your dog

2. Attempt to reinforce the floor and walls of the existing crate with something like zip ties

3. Attempt to reinforce the door of the crate with hardened steel padlocks

4. Buy a new escape proof crate


What Are The Best Escape Proof & Inescapable Dog Crates For Escape Artists and Dogs Who Try To Escape?

The best escape proof dog crates are not the thin metal wire and plastic cheap crates that most people buy.

They are:

Made of a strong high grade metal all over the crate

Have a strong construction with welds or rivets instead of tiny screws or slot fixings

Have a strong and secure locking and latch system

Might have an escape proof guarantee


One crate that is very heavy duty and is built specifically to take the most aggressive chewers and sneaky escape artists is:


Read more about some of the best dog crates on the market, including heavy duty dog crates, in this guide.



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