Mexican Costumes For Dogs: Ponchos, Sombreros, Pinatas, Tacos + More




We love Mexico, so why not celebrate with some Mexican Costumes for Dogs.

When we say Mexican costumes, we mean Mexican themed or Mexican related outfits.

So, ponchos, sombreros, colorful pinatas and tacos all feature in this list of costumes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Mexican Dog Costumes!


Mexican Costumes For Dogs: Ponchos, Sombreros, Pinatas, Tacos + More


Handmade Rainbow Dog Sombrero Hat

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A really beautiful and crafty rainbow colored dog sombrero that is handcrafted.

A one size fits all hat with an adjustable elastic strap under the chin.

Measurements of the hat are 3″ in height; 1.5″ diameter head space; 3″ diameter to the brim.

Made with woven straw.

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Rainbow Poncho and Sombrero Dog Costume

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Fantastic looking Rainbow poncho, that comes with a black and gold sombrero headpiece/hat.

Easy to put on and for your dog to sit with or walk around in. The colors are really great on this one.

Comes in 4 sizes ranging from small to Extra large.

Extra large probably fits up to medium sized dogs, with dimensions of 24-inch chest and 28-inch neck to tail.


Taco Dog Costume

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A creative costume featuring a pullover taco suit, and a gold and black sombrero hat.

Tightens with velcro straps. 4 sizes available – Small through to X Large.

Best for small through to medium sized dog breeds up to around 20 lbs, although big chested and thick dogs might want to stay away from this costume.

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Pinata Dog Costume

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A very bright and colorful rainbow colored pinata costume.

Comes as a one piece suit with a pullover hood. THe good thing about this costume is it’s made of soft nylon so it’s stretchy.

6 sizes available from X Small through to XX Large.

XXL is for large dogs up to around 50lbs.

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Black and Gold Dog Sombrero

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A simple black dog sombrero with gold trim and patterning.

Comes with an adjustable chin strap.

Available in small/medium, and medium/large.

For toy and small sized dog breeds.

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Black and Silver Dog Sombrero

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A black sombrero with silver detailing.

Also has a chin strap.

Available in medium and best suited for toy sized breeds.

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