A List Of Food Shaped Dog Toys, & Dog Toys That Looks Like Food … Yummmm!


Food shaped dog toys … dog toys that look like food … you had me at food, personally.

For food lovers alike, we’ve put together a list of dog toys with a food theme.

There’s everything from healthy cute looking fruits and vegetable toys, to the junk and tasty end of the scale in hot dogs, burgers, pizza and fries.

We’ve already written about the best overall dog toys.

But, let’s see what yummolicious food looking toys there are available in the list below!


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A List Of Food Shaped Dog Toys, & Dog Toys That Looks Like Food … Yummmm!


ZippyPaws – NomNomz Plush Taco Food Dog Toy

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A cute and healthy looking little taco with a great beaming smile on it’s face, and complete with red rosey cheeks!

This is a plush stuffed toy with squeakers inside.

It’s a toy that’s best for small to medium sized dogs.

Your dog is sure to look adorable playing with it.

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ZippyPaws – NomNomz Plush French Fries Food Dog Toy

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Another from the ZippyPaws range. This one is a cute little french fried dog toy.

The red and golden fries colors stand out and make this toy look striking.

Like the taco, this french fry toy is for small to medium sized puppies. It also includes squuekers inside.

The toy is 8 x 5.5 x 2 inches.

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ZippyPaws Squeaky Pizza Slice Food Dog Toy

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A simple pizza slice, that has striking golden and red colors like the french fries.

This pizza dog toy is sure to stand out.

It’s a stuffed (with cotton) plush toy with squeakers and is 7 x 7 x 2 inches in size.

This pizza slice comes in the ‘Emojiz’ range by ZippyPaws, so there are other interesting emoji type dog toys like this one to choose from too.

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ZippyPaws – NomNomz Pineapple Food Dog Toy

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A super cute bright yellow pineapple, with green leaves, and a smile on the front.

It is best suited for small and medium sized dogs, and is a stuffed plush toy with squeakers inside.

Measures 10 x 5 x 3 inches in size.

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Squeaky Happy Fruit Food Dog Toy Pack of 4

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WARNING: extremely cute and adorable toys. If you want a group of toys for puppies and small dogs, this pack of 4 could be it.

You get 4 toys – a chilli, a radish, a banana and a watermelon. They are all very colorful.

3 of them come with cute happy smiley faces on them.

The fabric is non toxic and the toys all include squeakers.

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Petzilla PCT-1 Squeaky Fruits, Desserts and Vegetables Pack of 12 Food Dog Toys 

Very similar to the above pack of toys.

Cute and adorable + plus super colorful. Some of the fruits and vegetables have smiley faces. Recommended for puppies and small dogs.

This time you get 12 dog toys:

FRUITS – 1 x Orange, 1 x Strawberry, 1 x Banana and 1 x Water Melon

VEGETABLES- 1 x Pepper, 1 x Pumpkin, 1 x Carrot and 1 x Pepper

DESSERTS – 2 x Lollipop, and 2 x Donut

They come with a one year guarantee. You also have the option to order each group separately if they are out of stock for one particular group.

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Aspen Pet Plush Carrot Dog Toy

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A medium sized carrot, or small sized, that is cute and comes with a smile on it’s face.

The fabric is washable and also synthetic.

Contains stuffing and a squeaker. Probably not for aggressive chewers.

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Aspen Pet Products Soft Bite Hot Dog Dog Toy – Medium Sized

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Reasonably good quality plush hot dog toy.

Colors are red (meat), green (lettuce/onion), yellow (cheese) and of course the bun.

This is also a squeaky toy. Cheap enough to be able to keep your dog entertained for a while before replacing.

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Aspen Pet Products Soft Bite Hamburger Dog Toy

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Complete the burger and hot dog combo with this hamburger also from Aspen.

The cool thing is that this burger is a similar size to an actual sized one.

Your dog will look funny playing with it and chewing on it.

Same colors as the hot dog, but also has a loop ontop.

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ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Donut Dog Toy 

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A colorful and cool looking donut dog toy. It contains no stuffing, but has squeakers.

ZippyPaws has a whole donut range with different flavor and color donuts to choose from such as chocolate, blueberry, cherry, grape jelly, mint chip, pumpkin spice, and strawberry.

Measures 7 x 7 x 2 inches in size.

Something to be careful of with this donut toy is that it has an inner plastic tube with little plastic pellets. Some dogs have found the tube hard, and the pellets might be a bit of a choking hazard if the toy is ripped open.

Buy with caution.

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FAQ Guide On Dog Toys

For more information on the different types of dog toys, and considerations when buying dog toys, you can read this guide.



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