ILIFE V7s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop: Review



When it comes to robotic vacuums, we are interested in the ones that have the capability to clean up pet hair, and of course general mess.

One of these models is the ILIFE V7s Pro Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner, which is a 2 in 1 robo vac and mop cleaner for hard floors.

In this ILIFE V7s Pro Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner Review, we look at the main features and potential drawbacks to this robotic vacuum so you can get a good idea or not whether it’s worth your money.

Let’s take a better look at it!


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ILIFE V7s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop: Review

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ILIFE V7s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop: Review

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  • A robo vac with both wet mop and dry sweeping/vacuuming capability
  • Has a 300mL dustbin and water tank, that is twice as larger than other robots, and allows the V7s Pro to cover a space over 2100 sq ft.
  • Has an extra large 77.5 sq in microfiber cloth removes stains and dirt that powerfully removes stains and dirt and won’t damage the floor.
  • Has Advanced i-dropping technology that makes mopping more efficient and reliable. With i-dropping tech, the water tank sprinkles the floor only when V7s Pro is moving, minimizing water consumption for a thorough wet clean. To prevent mechanical overload and floor damage, the water tank stops dispensing water as the robot stops at a spot for mopping.
  • The V7s Pro has smart dust bin technology that alerts you when the bin isn’t installed properly 
  • Has tangle free brushes
  • Has 3 cleaning modes – edge cleaning mode, auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode
  • Can also be scheduled to clean at certain times
  • Also has side brushes to clean walls and edges
  • Can clean up pet hair, and regular dirt/debris
  • For hard floors, and low pile carpets
  • Has a rechargeable battery – with up to 110-120 minutes of battery life
  • Is a self charging vacuum 
  • Has a dust container/is a bagless vac
  • Can also clean automatically with the touch of a button
  • Has a low profile design to fit under furniture 
  • Has smart sensors to detect objects, and has anti drop off sensors
  • Comes with a remote control that also allows you to control cleaning
  • Has a 1 year limited warranty


  • Not for medium to high pile carpets
  • The vacuum container is quite small
  • Not for large areas – more for small to medium sized rooms
  • Not a heavy duty vac – if you want heavy duty, get an upright vac
  • Not a heavy duty wet mop – is only a spot mop – if you want heavy duty, get an upright floor cleaner
  • More for light duty cleaning
  • For low volume, and thinner pet hair – not for high volumes of thick pet hair
  • Can control by a remote, but not by an app, and is not Smart Home Connected
  • Doesn’t have the features that some of the iRobot Roomba models have


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ILIFE V7s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop: Buyer’s Guide

Who Might The ILIFE V7s Pro Be For?

Those looking for a:

  • Robotic vac for pet hair
  • Robotic spot mop
  • Robotic vac/mop for hardwood and low pile carpets


Who Might The ILIFE V7s Pro NOT Be For?

Those looking for a:

  • Heavy duty vac
  • Robotic vac that is App connected and Smart Home connected
  • Vac for medium to high pile carpets


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