ibiyaya Pet Strollers: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


ibiyaya has a number of pet strollers they offer, with each offering something completely different.

One of the popular models is the 5 in 1 Pet Stroller, carrier, backpack, carseat and carrier on wheels.

They also do regular 3 and 4 wheel pet strollers though.

In this ibiyaya Reviews guide, we provide an overview of some of the popular strollers they offer including key features and things to know.

This review guide is complementary to our main guide on the best dog strollers and joggers.

Let’s check them out!


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ibiyaya Pet Stroller Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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ibayaya Pet Stroller: Reviews

ibayaya 5 in 1 Pet Stroller, Pet Carrier, Backpack, CarSeat & Carrier on Wheels

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You can actually get this one as a 4 in 1, or a 5 in 1.

The 5 in 1 includes for you the carrier and the stroller frame that comes as a 3 wheel stroller.

The carrier external dimensions measures 12 inches wide x 20 inches long x 12.3 inches high, and with the stroller frame, the handlebar for the stroller is 36 inches from the ground.

Ideally is suits small pets up to around 15lbs.

The stroller is for light and casual walking.

View the ibayaya 5 in 1 Pet Stroller, Pet Carrier, Backpack, CarSeat & Carrier on Wheels (on Amazon)


ibayaya 3 Wheel Turbo Pet Jogger Pet Stroller

A 3 wheel pet stroller for walking or light jogging.

It isn’t a cheap stroller, but it does come with the better quality pneumatic tires as opposed to the cheap EVA/plastic tires.

It’s intended for pets up to around the 30-40lbs weight range, and has internal stroller cabin dimensions of 24 inches length x 13 inches width x 20 inches height.

View the ibayaya 3 Wheel Turbo Pet Jogger Pet Stroller (on Amazon)


ibayaya 4 Wheel Cleo Travel System Pet Stroller

A 4 wheel stroller for walking.

Another stroller that isn’t cheap, but the frame is well built, and you can detach the stroller basket when you fold up the stroller frame.

The stroller basket that your pet goes in measures L21 x W12 x H23. It’s designed for small to medium sized pets up to around the 35lbs weight limit.

Owners may like that the stroller carry basket is made of denim, so it looks classy.

Has EVA/plastic wheels.

View the ibayaya 4 Wheel Cleo Travel System Pet Stroller (on Amazon)


ibayaya 4 Wheel Speedy Fold Pet Buggy

4 Wheeled stroller for walking.

The stroller compartment measures L22 x W13 x H20.9 (in) and is designed for small pets up to around 30-40lbs.

You can get it in black or grey denim.

This stroller in particular is lightweight at only 13lbs and it can fold up with a one touch button.

View the ibayaya 4 Wheel Speedy Fold Pet Buggy (on Amazon)


ibayaya 3 Wheel Monarch Premium Pet Jogger

 A luxury stroller for both walking and jogging.

It’s a 3 wheeler and weighs only 17lbs.

The compartment where you pet goes measures 26 (L) x 15.4 (W) x 20.9 (H) inches and is designed for small to medium sized pets.

All the wheels on this stroller have suspension. The front wheel is a swivel wheel that can also be locked.

View the ibayaya 3 Wheel Monarch Premium Pet Jogger (on Amazon)


ibayaya Pet Stroller: Buyer’s Guide

How Do I Measure My Pet For A Pet Stroller?

Pay attention to the weight limit of the strollers, and the size of the carrying compartment of the stroller.

Make sure your pet has room to spare inside the stroller compartment.


Which Pet Stroller To Get?

It depends on what you want the stroller for and the features you want. Some things to pay attention to might be:

Whether you want just a stroller or the 5 in 1

The weight capacity 

The size of the carrying compartment

What the wheels are made of

How heavy the stroller is

How flat the stroller folds down to and whether the carrying compartment is detachable

If the stroller is meant for just walking, or light jogging as well

Whether it’s a 3 or 4 wheel stroller

How much storage room the stroller has for extra items

The price


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