How To Pick Up Dog Poop Without Gagging: 6 Potential Solutions


As a dog owner, if you are sensitive to strong and stinky smells, you’ll want to get a better idea of how to pick up dog poop without gagging.

Before we jump into the guide, it’s important to consider why your dog’s poop smells so bad.

It’s possible your dog has an upset stomach or some type of internal virus or parasite infection, in which case you’ll want to go see a vet for any professional health related advice.

There could be other reasons as to why your dog is emitting an odor or strong poo smell which you might like to look into further.

Otherwise, let’s look at what can be done to minimise gagging or unpleasant smells when picking up poop!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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How To Pick Up Dog Poop Without Gagging: 5 Potential Solutions


1. Scented Dog Poop Bags

If you are picking up your dog’s poop with poop bags, like on a walk for example, try scented poop doggy bags.

Scented poop bags cover up or at least take some of the sting away from the smell of a strong stool.

An example of a scented poop bag on the market are the Lavender scented poop bags by Earth Rated (on Amazon) .


2. Don’t Get Close To The Poop – Use A Long Handle Scoop

When you are outside in the front or back yard, why bother getting close to the poop at all?

If you keep your nose a longer distance from the poop, there’s less chance you’ll gag.

To do this, you can use a long handle pooper scooper, or even a shovel … and a small waste bin can help.

Good examples might be:


3. Let The Poop Dry Out First

More for the outside than the inside – but you can wait for the poop to dry out first and pick it up when it’s started turning white.

Wet freshly laid poop is going to smell much worse than dry poop – so if you have issues gagging, maybe wait to do your front yard and back yard poop pickup weekly when it’s all dried and less smelly.


4. If Outside, Consider A Pet Odor Eliminator

These sprays temporarily mask the smell, but won’t permanently eliminate it.

Examples include:


5. If Inside, Aerate The Room, and Deodorise The Room 

For dog poop inside the house on the carpet for example, this can be the worst as the smell gets trapped inside the room.

You’re going to have to clean it up (read this guide for more information on how to clean up dog diarrhea on the carpet, and this guide for how to clean up pet stains in general), but why not minimise the smell while you are cleaning.

To do this, make sure you open up the doors and windows in the house to get some fresh air coming through.

Secondly, you can mask some of the smell by lighting an incense candle in the room.

There are several ways you can de-odorise pet smells, but why not light a pet deodoriser candle while cleaning and leave it on after the clean up is finished?

There are several on the market that are designed specifically to deodorise pet smells such as:


6. Nose Plug, Nose Clip, Or Stuff Nose

A simple solution, and cost effective.

If you block your nose (just make sure you can still breathe through your mouth), you’re going to eliminate the issue of smell that is making you gag in the first place.

You can use rolled up tissue paper, nose plugs, a nose clip or even a soft closing clothes peg.


7. Freeze Spray

The last potential solution is a bit of an unconventional approach, but some people have used dry ice freeze spray for diarrhea or wet dog poop outside with good results.

The freeze spray not only makes it easier to pick up less solid dog poop, but is intended to remove most of the smell when the poop freezes.

One of the more popular freeze sprays is MG Chemicals Super Cold Spray (on Amazon)

With freeze sprays, because it is unconventional, always read directions and instructions of use of the product carefully and follow them.


Other Ways To Pick Up Dog Poop & Dispose Of It

In this guide we wrote about the some of the best ways to pick up dog poop and dispose of it.


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