Cool Halloween Dog Collars



If you don’t want to go all the way and get a costume for your dog for halloween, you may consider an affordable but still awesome look halloween dog collar instead.

These halloween dog colors come in a range of colors with a range of patterns and pictures that have so much more character than a normal or plain dog collar.

Add in a halloween dog bandana and/or shirt or sweater, and you’ve got an awesome dress up for your dog that is sure to fit (costumes can be hard to fit even at the best of time).

Let’s check out some of the best halloween dog collars available!


Cool Halloween Dog Collars


Blueberry Pet Halloween Dog Collar

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Really cool and trendy collars with 8 different designs available.This particular collar has an orange background, black pictures, bright green clips and a detachable bat decoration.

It’s made of tough polyester and eco friendly plastic at the clips.

Available in small, medium and large sizes. Large roughly fits a 18″-26″ neck.

Make sure you pay attention to fitting and ordering instructions.

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Native Pup Halloween Dog Collar

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A very simply collar that still has lots of character – orange background with black bats.

There’s 3 other colors/designs with pumpkins, diamonds and skulls.

3 sizes available – they come as small as 7 inches to as big as 26 inches.

The main part of the collar, the band, is made of strong polyester. The clips are strong plastic and there are also metal D rings.

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Pet love Halloween Dog Collar

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A really adorable collar with a pink and orange design, and a little bat bow decoration.

There’s 3 different designs, and 3 different sizes available.

Large fits a neck up to 16” to 26” in circumference., 

The stitching on this collar could be slightly better and durable though, and same with the decoration.

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E&L Halloween Dog Collar With Bell

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Really cool little collars with little bell ornaments that hang off the collar.

There’s 2 designs – black with pumpkin, and purple with witch.

Dimensions of this collar are 12″ ~ 18.8″ long.

Made of strong nylon.

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Midlee Halloween Dog Collar

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A slightly different collar to the rest of them – it’s more a decorative dog collar and it not to be used like a traditional collar.

It’s made of elastic with black mesh ribbons with shiny multi-color spider web design with spiders and jack o lanterns.

Goes great with other doggy dress up accessories.

Has 4 sizes – with X large fitting roughly up to a 22 inch dog neck.

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