Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door Review


We’ve put together a Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door Review so you can quickly get a good idea of what this pet door offers.

In a nutshell, it makes a great dog door for those looking for an energy efficient and insulating pet door for either cold or hot weather.

Within this review we outline it’s best features, drawbacks and overall who it may and may not be for.

Let’s check it out in more detail!


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Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door Review: Energy Efficient & Insulated Dog Door For Cold & Hot Weather

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Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door: Review

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An energy efficient, insulated pet door designed for cold weather or hot weather, and to minimise drafts

It is lab-certified to seal 15X better than the requirements for Energy Star human doors

The flap on this door is proven to work from temperatures as low as -40 F to as high as 160 F

The flap works with the DoubleMag system, which is face to face magnet sealing

The frame on this pet door is made of cellular PVC, which has 3000X more R-factor than the aluminum used in the frames of other pet doors

Comes in three sizes – small through to large

Large has a pet opening of 11” x 17”

Comes with locking clear acrylic security panel for extra security

For installation in an exterior door

Made in Michigan, USA

Both door mount and wall mount models are available

The wall mount model is 3.5 inches deep, so consider this with the thickness of your wall. It will install and finish like a window, so, like windows, the depth of the functional part will not take up the entire wall cavity in most walls. Jamb extensions or drywall returns are what bridge that gap.



Not a cheap dog door

The wall mount version doesn’t come with an option for a wall tunnel extender and the installation can be a bit more tricker than the door installation



Overall, this is one of the best insulating dog doors for hot or cold weather on the market. Strongly consider it if you can afford it’s price



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Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door Designed For?

It’s designed for small through to large dogs, as a cold or hot weather door that insulates and seals the inside of the house from outdoor elements


Who Might The Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door Be For?

Small through to large dogs – dogs up to a size that can fit through an 11 inch wide by 17 inch high flap opening

Those who live in hot climates

Those who live in cold climates

Those who want an energy efficient, insulated and weatherproof dog door

Those with a high budget for a pet door

Those who want to install on an exterior household door

Those who want to install on a wall


Who Might The Freedom Pet Pass Dog Door NOT Be For?

Those with pets too big to fit through an 11 inch wide by 17 inch high flap opening

Those who want a cheap dog door


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