Elf Costumes For Dogs: Including Hats & Stand In Elf Costumes



Elf costumes for dogs, and stand in elf costumes for dogs can be a hit at Christmas or halloween.

They’re a great way to make your dog look not only funny, but adorable as a cute little furry elf helper.

There’s the pullover costume designs that cover the back and whole body, and also the dog in elf stand in designs that just cover the front part of your dog.

We’ve listed and explored both types of designs below.

Let’s check them out in more detail!


Elf Costumes For Dogs: Including Hats & Stand In Elf Costumes


Dog Elf Hat With Ears

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If you want a costume that you won’t have any sizing or fit issues with – this one is probably it.

It’s a beautiful little elf hat with ears.

The hat has red and green stripes with brown elf ears. It’s very soft and has an adjustable chin strap so it will fit on a variety of pet sizes.

The hat is 8.5″ x 9″ is size

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Dog In Elf Pup Costume 

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One of two stand in elf dog costumes – this one looks adorable.

The Costume hangs down the front of your dog and doesn’t cover the back. It secures around neck and body with ties

It also has plush arms that hang from the neck and sleeves for front legs look like pants. There’s a printed belt and the costume in general has some good printed detail.

It is a polyester costume and comes in 4 sizes – Extras Small through to large. It’s intended for small dogs.

We would mention that this costume can be difficult to get on your dog and keep on – your dog probably won’t be able to walk around in it. It’s more for putting on and taking a picture and then taking off.

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Santa’s Little Helper Dog In Elf Costume

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The second of two stand in elf dog costumes.

This one is a green jumpsuit with “sleeve/pants” for the dog’s front legs and attached stuff arms

There’s also a hat with elf ears and the words ‘Santa’s Lil Helper’ on it.

Comes in small. medium and large sizes – it’s a small dog’s costume.

The quality is just OK on this costume.

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Elf Pet Costume

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A soft green tunic costume with red jingle ball pom poms.

It also includes a green santa style hat and ankle cuffs, both with red jingle ball pom pomsPolyester

Comes in 4 sizes – small through to extra large, and is best for dogs up to a medium size.

Again, the quality is jus OK on this costume.

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Elf Tophat Dog Costume

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A cute little green and red elf dog costume with feet tassles, a button up shirt and an elf hat.

The fabric is quite thin and is a sewn costume as opposed to having heavy print on it.

It runs small and is intended for smaller dogs, so order a size up from what you think you’ll need and be aware if you have a medium sized or bigger dogs.

Comes in 5 sizes – Extra Small through to Extra Large.

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