Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Review: GPS Tracking Dog Collar


The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX is the GPS tracking ONLY version of the Dogtra Pathfinder model that has both GPS tracking AND e collar training capabilities.

If you’re interested in a 2 in 1 tracking and training e collar, you can check out the Dogtra Pathfinder Review, but this here is a Dogtra Pathfinder TRX review of the GPS tracking only model.

In this review, we outline the features, pros and cons that make up this GPS tracking collar system.

We also consider who the GPS dog collar may and may not be for.

Let’s look at it in greater detail!


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Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Review: GPS Tracking Dog Collar

If you refer, you can go straight to viewing the Dogtra Pathfinder TRX here:

You can get an add-on collar receiver which allows you to add more dogs to the system (up to a maximum of 21 dogs). They come in different colors – Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Extra Collar (on Amazon).


Dogtra Pathfinder TRX: Review

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A system that functions with a collar receiver, a handheld remote, and your existing smartphone (has to be compatible)

It is a GPS tracking collar system intended for most working, hunting and competitive situations.

One of the best features is that it works with using cellular data in offline map mode (once you’ve downloaded the Pathfinder app), and you don’t need to purchase any additional programs

The Pathfinder app includes free maps and a compass

The range from your smart phone to the handheld remote/connector is 33 feet, via bluetooth

The range from the handheld remote/GPS connector to the collar receiver is 9 miles, via a MURS band

The app has a 2 second update rate, location sharing, a geo fence option and offline maps and compass

The system is fully waterproof (GPS connector and collar)

You get a belt clip included 

The batteries are 3.5 hour rapid charge batteries

The system is approved for AKC and UKC events

You can expand the system to track up to 21 dogs as long as you purchase add on TRX collars separately



Doesn’t include stimulation or audible training modes like the standard Pathfinder – the TRX is a GPS tracking system only

The system can be dependent on your phone e.g. in hotter, or colder weather, if your phone has issues functioning, it will obviously effect the collar system as a whole

In more wooded or denser areas, you won’t get the 9 miles range

Some people might prefer a handheld device for the training component instead of using their smart phone – especially in cold weather when your hand can get cold

Sometimes some people have some issues syncing up the collars with the bluetooth – it takes more than a few minutes for them to do it properly rather than it happening instantly

Not for dogs smaller than 35lbs




Dogtra Pathfinder TRX: Buyer’s Guide

Who Is The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Designed For?

It’s designed for most working, hunting and competitive/locating situations outdoors.


Who Might The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Be For?

Working dogs, hunting dogs and competition dogs

Owners and hunters looking for a GPS tracking collar system only

People looking for a system that is expandable up to 21 dogs

People with a compatible and suitable smartphone

People that want a UKC and AKC approved GPS tracking collar

Dogs 35lbs and over


Who Might The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX NOT Be For?

People who want a standalone training e collar

People who want a 2 in 1 tracking and training GPS e collar

People on a budget when it comes to price

People with an incompatible smart phone

Dogs smaller than 35lbs


How Do You Use The Collar System With Your Phone?

It works without cellular data (after you’ve downloaded the app) and there’s no extra navigation packages to purchase

You simply download the Pathfinder free maps app, and use it in conjunction with the collar receiver. Your phone can be in offline mode using no data

You get access to Google Maps™ with satellite and terrain views and the ability to track up to 21 dogs or hunters, share locations, playback data and create customizable Geo-Fence alerts.

You get a two-second update rate and a powerful zoom capability


Additional Notes:

– The Pathfinder App is compatible with iOS 8.1 and up, and Android 4.2 and up

– A device with Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is required to operate the Pathfinder.

– Location Sharing requires a separate GPS Connector per user

– It’s definitely worth reading the Pathfinder product manual in full before using


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