Dog Treadmill vs Human Treadmill: 14 Key Differences, & Which Is Better?


A question some dog owners ask is – ‘what are the differences between dog treadmills and regular treadmills?’

Are dog treadmills really that different, or can you get away with doubling your human treadmill as an exercise machine for your dog?

In this comparison guide we’ve looked to outline the main differences between the two so that you have a better idea of what each one offers.

Let’s take a look at them!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Dog Treadmill vs Human Treadmill: 14 Key Differences, & Which Is Better?


Dog Treadmill vs Human Treadmill: Summary – Which One Is Better For Your Dog?

In short, human treadmills are designed for humans and dog treadmills are designed specifically for dogs.

You might damage your human designed treadmill, and hurt your dog, if you allow them to use one.

So, after speaking to your vet, a dog treadmill should be the only option you consider for your dog.


Dog Treadmill vs Human Treadmill: 14 Differences

The main differences between the two are:

1. Running Area

A dog treadmill running track is usually designed to be longer than a human treadmill running track.

This is because dogs have a longer body, and have a longer running gait


2. Speed

Dog treadmills have speeds specifically designed for dogs, whereas human treadmills have speeds designed for humans


3. Preset Exercise Programs

Dog treadmills sometimes have preset exercise programs you can choose from for your dog.

These exercise programs are designed specifically for dogs, whereas on a human treadmill the programs are designed for humans.


4. Motor Ventilation

A good dog treadmill should have a motor design that can deal with loose dog hair.

A human treadmill might have vents that expose the motor to loose hair if your dog is using it.

Not only is it not good to get dog hair in the motor compartment, but a human treadmill wouldn’t be covered in the warranty by this.


5. Motor Noise

Dog treadmills have motors that are designed to be quiet for both operational noise, and for more sensitive dogs


6. Safety

Dog treadmills should be designed around the running belt to be enclosed so that your dog’s paw, tail or coat won’t get caught.

Human treadmills may have a design that is much more dangerous for your dog, exposing them to getting caught in the running belt.


7. Portability & Storage

Some dog treadmills are so light and compact, that they can be moved from one place to another.

They may also have the capability to be folded.

This makes dog treadmills easy to move around and store away unlike human treadmills.


8. Treadmill enclosures

Some dog treadmills have enclosures or fences on the sides of the treadmill to train your dog to use the treadmill than human treadmills don’t have


9. Treadmill Controls

Dog treadmill controls are specifically made for dogs, usually with speed, on/off and program control buttons.

They sometimes have a remote control panel. They are also usually on the side of the treadmill instead of the front.


10. Dog Specific Treadmill Features

Dog treadmills might come with other dog specific features like overhead bars for attaching leashes or toys to.


11. Dog Treadmills For Different Sized Dogs

Dog treadmills are designed for different sized dogs – from small to large.

Human treadmills usually come in a one size fits all for humans model and that’s it.


12. TreadWheels For Dogs

A TreadWheel is a specific type of dog exercise product offered for dogs by GoPet that is similar to a treadmill, except it’s a wheel and not a flat running mill. 


13. Price

Although there are some more affordable dog treadmills, most of them are quite expensive.

Although human treadmills can be expensive too, there are more cheap options available


14. Warranty & Return Policies

We sort of covered this above, but dog treadmills have return policies and warranties that only cover dogs, and human treadmill return policies and warranties will usually only cover human use. 


Best Dog Treadmills For Small & Large Dogs

You can read this guide, where we list some of the top rated treadmills for both small and large dogs.



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