Common Types Of Dog Food Diets



We’ve previously written about some of the common types of dog food.

In the guide below, we outline some of the common types of dog food diets.


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Common Types Of Dog Food Diets

The diet types listed below are generic and used as general examples only.

A vet or qualified animal health expert should approve and give advice on an individual dog’s diet. They can make sure your dog’s diet both has adequate nutrition, and is tailored to an individual dog’s health requirements.


1. Commercial Dog Food Diet

A diet consisting mainly of dog food commercially available, such as kibble, canned/wet food, semi moist food, and so on.

As one example, an owner might decide to feed their dog mainly a high quality kibble as it may be both reasonably nutritious, and economical.


2. Homemade Dog Food Diet

A diet consisting mainly of non commercial dog foods.

Might contain mainly individual ingredients like lean meats, or vegetables bought from a supermarket.


3. Hybrid Dog Food Diet

This type of diet might consist of a mix of commercially available dog food, and some types of human food.

For example, it might be common for owners to feed their dog mainly kibble for their main meal, but also leftover safe and cooked meats, and other dog safe leftover foods for random meals, as well as uncooked meaty bones.


4. Raw Dog Food Diet

A diet consisting mainly of raw food such as raw meats, and raw meaty uncooked bones.


5. Puppy Food Diet

A diet formulated specifically for the needs of puppies and young dogs.

There are commercially available dog foods that are formulated specifically for the nutritional requirements of dogs at the puppy stage.

A puppy food diet might be geared more towards protein and growth, as opposed to maintenance.

Some puppy foods may also be softer in texture.

One of the most popular products listed as puppy food online right now is:

Another is:


6. Adult Dog Food Diet

A diet formulated for adult dogs.

It might be more focussed on maintenance, compared to a puppy diet focussed on growth.

One of the most popular products listed as adult dog food online right now is:


7. Senior Dog Food Diet

A diet formulated specifically for nutritional needs of older/senior dogs. They might be lower in calories just as one example.

There are commercially available ‘Senior Dog’ dog foods.


8. Food Diet For Dogs With Allergies & Sensitivities (Hypoallergenic Diet)

Some dogs might be allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients in dog food.

Commercial hypoallergenic dog foods might be formulated specifically to include simple and reduced ingredients, and reduce nutrients known to commonly cause sensitivities or reactions.

Ultimately though, you’ll want to talk to a vet if you notice your dog reacting in a negative way to dog food. They might help you do an elimination diet or tests to see what a dog can and can’t eat.


10. Vegetarian Or Vegan Dog Food Diet

A meatless dog food diet.

A vegetarian or vegan dog food diet should definitely be run past a vet first.

There is the option to buy commercially formulated vegan or vegetarian dog food products, or do the homemade option.

Digestibility might be one of the issues with non meat based diets.


11. Grain Free Dog Food Diet

Some dog food experts suggest that grains or too much grains (such as wheat, corn, rice, and so on) in a dog food diet may contribute to skin issues, lack of energy, and other health issues for dogs.

A grain free diet might still provide carbohydrates, but from natural non-grain based ingredients.

One of the most popular listed grain free dog foods online right now is:


12. Meat First Dog Food Diet

Some diets encourage owners to look for a meat being listed as the first ingredient, and the primary ingredient in a commercially bought dog food, such as kibble.


13. Dog Diet For Health Conditions

There’s a whole list of diets and foods that might be suggested by a vet for dogs with different health conditions.

Just as one example, a low protein diet may be suggested for dogs dealing with kidney issues.


Further Reading On Dog Food

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