12 Things To Know About A German Shepherd Mix

11 Things You Want To Know About A German Shepherd Mix

  We’ve already put together guides specifically on German Shepherd Labrador Mixes, German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mixes, and German Shepherd Husky Mixes. In the guide below we’ve put together interesting facts and info about German Shepherd mix breeds in general. We’ve also included some valuable guides where you can look for more information, such as … Read more

German Shepherd Coat Colors: The Different Colors, Patterns, & Genetics Of Colors

German Shepherd Coat Colors Explained: Complete Guide

  We’ve already written a guide about the different types, lines, colors and hair length of German Shepherds. In the guide below, we outline the different GSD coat colors, patterns, and the genetics behind the colors and patterns. We also discuss other factors that affect coloration. Let’s take a look!   (NOTE: this is a … Read more

Short Haired German Shepherd: 7 Things You Want To Know

Short Haired German Shepherd: 7 Things You Want To Know

  We’ve already put together a guide outlining the different types of German Shepherds – we make mention of short haired German Shepherds in that guide. We’ve also put together a comparison of short and long haired German Shepherds in a separate guide. In the guide below, we’ve shared important information specifically about Short Haired … Read more