BISSELL SpinWave vs Shark vs Karcher vs Swiffer vs HOOVER FloorMate vs Gladwell: Comparison


BISSELL, Shark, Karcher, Swiffer, HOOVER and Gladwell each have several different types of cleaners out and available on the market.

We are interested in cleaner machines for their ability to handle both general mess, and pet mess.

In this guide, we compare the BISSELL SpinWave vs the Shark Steam Mops vs the Shark VacMop vs the Karcher FC5 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner vs the HOOVER FloorMate vs Swiffer vs Gladwell cleaner models.

We look at what they might each be for, and why you might get them.

Let’s take a look!


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BISSELL SpinWave vs Shark vs Karcher vs Swiffer vs HOOVER FloorMate vs Gladwell

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing these cleaner machines here:









Karcher offers different types of cleaners – hard floor cleaners, wet dry vacs, a steam cleaner and a stick vacuum:






BISSELL SpinWave vs Shark vs Karcher vs Swiffer vs HOOVER FloorMate vs Gladwell: Summary, & Which To Get

A summary of what each range of machine is, and why you’d consider getting them is:



The SpinWave models are a sealed hard surfaces powered mop cleaners.

The Shark models are steam mop cleaners for hard surfaces.

The Swiffer WetJet offers a simple and affordable spray mop that functions with disposable small batteries.

Karcher has several types of cleaners available, with their steam cleaner and wet dry vac being worth a look.

The HOOVER FloorMate is a hard surfaces scrubber/cleaner, that sucks up the dirty leftover water. It might be better checking out the BISSELL CrossWave (a wet dry vac) over the FloorMate first.

The Gladwell is a cleaner designed to mop, clean and scrub with rotating scrubber brushes. We think there are better powered mop type cleaners to look at first than the Gladwell.



The SpinWave machines are powered mop cleaners.

They are designed for sealed hard surfaces.

The cordless model offers cordless cleaning.

You’d get the Spinwave Plus over the base model Spinwave if you want the extras that come with it. These extras include an extra set of mop pads, cleaning formula, and scrubby pads for tough and sticky messes.

We’ve rated the SpinWave amongst some of the best powered mop cleaners on the market right now.



The Shark Steam mops are good value, and all offer something different.

The Lift Off and Genius are the more advanced models.

You’d get them if you want more features, and specific features like no touch pad changing, the steam blaster, and more.

The Steam Pocket is the next step down from these two. It has swivel steering, and 2 sided cleaning pad cleaning.

The S1000 is the most affordable and most basic model. It lacks any standout features other than it is affordable, lightweight and compact. It’s just a ‘no frills’ steam mop cleaner.

The Shark Steam Mops are amongst some of the best steam mops on the market right now for pets.



The swiffer is a spray mop – you spray onto a hard sealed surface, and clean with the mop pad.

It’s a good affordable and simple option compared to the corded and rechargeable battery cleaner mops on the market.

It works with disposable AA batteries.



Karcher has several cleaning machines available.

For vacuums and hard surface cleaners, we think it’s worth looking at other brands first (see the guides listed at the bottom of this guide).

The Karcher wet dry vac is worth a look for people who want a multi surface cleaner, with a 1800W motor, and large tank size.

It has adaptability and uses outside of regular inside the house floor surface cleaning.

The Karcher steam cleaner is also worth consideration – it can be used for both floor level and above floor level steam cleaning.


HOOVER FloorMate (Hard Floor Cleaner)

A hard floor cleaner – it scrubs and cleans hard sealed surfaces with scrubber brushes, and then sucks up the dirty water

In our opinion, the BISSELL CrossWave which is also a wet dry vac, is a better option to look at.

Check it out here – BISSELL Crosswave vs Crosswave Pet Pro vs Crosswave Cordless Max – Comparison Guide.



A cleaner designed to mop, clean and scrub with rotating scrubber brushes.

In our opinion, rather than looking at the Gladwell electric mop, you’re better off starting by looking at some of the top rated cleaner mops on the market here – Best Steam Mops & Cleaner Mops For Pets.

BISSELL and Shark have some good options available.


BISSELL SpinWave vs Shark vs Karcher vs Swiffer vs HOOVER FloorMate vs Gladwell: Comparisons

We’ve put together comparison guides that compare the models within the above BISSELL and Shark ranges.

We look at the specific differences, similarities and features of each model within the range.

Read comparison guides for each model/machine range here:

BISSELL Spinwave vs Spinwave Plus vs Spinwave Cordless – Comparison Guide

Shark Steam Mops Reviews & Comparison Guide


*Note about warranties …

You will find each model from each range has a different number of years on the limited warranty.

So, check and confirm the warranty yourself prior to buying.


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