Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac 33a1: Review



Pet hairs can be extremely frustrating and unsightly, especially when they get dropped in carpet, around the house on furniture, or in the car.

If you have a breed of dog that sheds a lot or drops a lot of hair, you may want a pet hair vacuum cleaner to help with the pick up and clean up.

If you’re looking for an affordable handheld option, we’ve done a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac 33a1 Review, where we’ve listed the main features and potential drawbacks to this pet hair vacuum.

Let’s check it out!

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac 33a1: Review

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 (on Amazon)


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum: Review

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Features & Pros

  • A 4 Amp handheld, corded, small vacuum cleaner intended specifically for vacuuming pet hair
  • It weighs only 5lbs
  • Can be used on surfaces such as house upholstery, stairs and the car
  • Has a rubber nozzle that is designed to push hair up and out of the surface you are vacuuming
  • Also has a hard nozzle for dry messes and dry objects such as pet food
  • Uses a multi-layer filtration and cyclonic cleaning system
  • The power cord is 16 feet long
  • The dirty cup capacity is 0.78 L
  • Is bagless
  • Vacuum measures about 10 by 5 by 8 inches


  • Not for large areas and heavy use – more for small areas and light use
  • If the pet hair is deep or trapped within a surface, it takes a lot of work to remove with this vacuum. So this vacuum is more of a surface hair and mess remover
  • There are air vents on the side of this vacuum that can blow on and blow away what you are trying to vacuum
  • The suction is good without being great. But, for it’s size, that’s to be expected
  • A single purpose vacuum i.e. for pet hair and pet mess. You can’t really use it for general household vacuuming


  • This vacuum is definitely value for money considering it’s price and if you want a small vacuum for small areas to remove surface level pet hair that isn’t deeply trapped. It’s cheap, but works well for this purpose

View the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 (on Amazon)


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac 33a1: Buyer’s Guide

What Features To Be Aware Of With Dog and Pet Hair Vacuums

Some features you might look out for are:

  • The size of the vacuum
  • Whether it’s designed just for pet hair removal, or whether it can be used for everyday vacuuming as well
  • The power of the suction of the vacuum
  • Whether the vacuum comes with attachments, and what those attachments are
  • The number and types of modes the vacuum has
  • Whether the vacuum is intended for small or large areas
  • Whether the vacuum dust collector is suitable for pet hair


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