Best Training Collar For A German Shepherd: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide



When looking for the best training collar for a German Shepherd dog or puppy, there’s a couple of things you need to consider:

  • First, you need to consider what type of training you are going to be doing
  • Second, you need to consider the size of your dog’s neck
  • Third, you need to consider the type of collar that is going to suit both your dog training and your dog’s neck

With this guide, we’ve looked to make picking a training collar easy for you by listing the best dog training collars across a range of dog collar types.

We’ve also provided a summary of what each type of training collar does.

Let’s jump into it…


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Best Training Collar For A German Shepherd: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our top picks for the best German Shepherd training collars are…

Regular Collars For Basic Training

Blueberry Pet Dog Collar (on Amazon)nylon collar for dogs with neck sizes 18 to 26 inches

LupinePet Dog Collar (on Amazon)nylon collar with sizes for dogs with neck sizes from 12 inches op to 21 inches

Rogz Utility Large Dog Collar (on Amazon) – reflective collar for dogs with neck sizes 13-22 inches

Rogz Utility Extra Large Dog Collar (on Amazon) – reflective collar for dogs with neck sizes 17-27 inches

Rugged Material Leather Dog Collar (on Amazon) – leather collar for neck sizes 21.5 to 25 inches

E Collars For Remote Training

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 (on Amazon) – Standard E Collar For Dogs with Neck Sizes 5-22 Inches

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425s (on Amazon) – Standard E Collar For More Stubborn Dogs with Neck Sizes 5-22 Inches

Dogtra 1900S (on Amazon)Advanced E Collar For Dogs 35lbs and Over

Bark Collar For Bark Control Training

SportDOG Rechargeable Bark Control Collar (on Amazon)   – Best Value Anti Bark Collar

Dog Fence Collar For Invisible Fence Training

SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System, SDF-100A (on Amazon)  – Invisible Fence & Collar


Best Training Collar For German Shepherd: Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Training Collar?

A training collar is a collar that you use to train your German Shepherd dog or puppy.


What Is A Training Collar Used For?

You might be training them to learn something new, or training them that existing behaviors need to be minimised or stopped.

Training can be:

  • Basic training
  • Advanced training
  • Remote training
  • Training for an event or competition
  • Training for a specific activity such as hunting
  • Bark training
  • Yard training (teach dogs not to escape)
  • Specialised training such as police, security, therapy, seeing eye dog etc.
  • + other types of training


What Size Training Collar To Get For A German Shepherd?

You want to make sure the collar fits securely around the neck without being too tight so the dog has no issues breathing or staying comfortable.

The manufacturer should tell you how to measure for and fit their collar.

However, on average a German Shepherd’s neck size is 18-24 inches in circumference. Measure your dog’s neck size and pick a collar that will be suitable for that measurement.


Types Of Training Collars

Most commonly training collars can be divided into these categories:

  • Regular Training Collars (might be made of nylon, leather, chain etc.)
  • E Collars, Shock Collars and Remote Training Collars
  • Bark Control Training Collars
  • Invisible Fence/Electric Fence Training Collars



Regular Training Collars For German Shepherds


E Collars, Shock Collar & Remote Training Collars For German Shepherd


Bark Control Training Collars For German Shepherds


Invisible Fence/Electric Fence Training Collars For German Shepherds


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