Best Retractable Dog Gate: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide



We’ve put together a mini buyer’s guide and a review of the best retractable dog gate,

Although there are many expandable and extendable dog gates on the market, there are not many that can physically retract into themselves like an accordion.

There are freestanding dog gates that can fold into themselves, but below we’ve identified a true retractable dog gate.

Let’s check it out!

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Best Retractable Dog Gate: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our top pick for the best retractable dog gate is the:

Evenflo Expansion/Retractable Walk Through Room Divider Gate (on Amazon) – is 32″ tall, and fits openings 24 to 60″ wide


Best Retractable Dog Gate: Review

Evenflo Retractable Walk Through Room Divider Gate

View On Amazon


  • A gate made of plastic and wood
  • The gate is retractable onto itself, and expandable too
  • The gate swings both ways
  • It fits openings 24 to 60″ wide
  • It is 32″ tall
  • It has a hardware-mount installation. There are four hardware mounting points
  • Has a child-resistant one-hand release
  • Has a telescoping safety rail over the top of the gate to provide a flat surface
  • For younger children – 6 to 12 months old


  • Screws in the gate could be slightly stronger for mounting


  • The gate is fairly cheap and reasonably durable + works quite well. Seems to be worth the money if you want a gate that swings as well as retracts.

View the Evenflo Expansion/Retractable Walk Through Room Divider Gate on Amazon


Best Retractable Dog Gate: Buyer’s Guide

What’s Good About Retractable Dog Gates?

  • They usually come pre assembled – saves you time
  • Once you have them set up, you can very easy retract the gate into itself and the gate will be out of the way


Any Drawbacks To Retractable Dog Gates?

  • We could only find one popular true accordion style retractable dog gate on the market. So, a drawback might be that there is not a lot of choice when it comes to retractable dog gates


What Size Retractable Dog Gate Should You Get?

It usually depends on three things:

  • The size of your dog. The bigger the dog, usually the taller of a dog gate you want to get
  • The width of the opening or space you want to block off. The bigger the opening, the wider of a dog gate you want to get.
  • You also want to make sure you can fit through the gate if it has a door, and that other openings are big enough 


Types Of Pet Gates

Some of the major types of pet gates to be aware of are:

  • Pressure mounted pet gates
  • Hardware mounted gates
  • Freestanding gates
  • 2 in 1, or All in one gates – might combine freestanding, pressure mounted, hardware mounted, and exercise pen capabilities

Some types of gates may also be:

  • Extra tall
  • Extra wide
  • Be built with heavier duty materials
  • + have other specific characteristics


Walk Through vs Swing Open vs Step Over Dog Gates

There’s usually 3 ways you can pass through or over a dog gate whilst still blocking your dog from passing:

  • Walk Through – the dog gate has a door built in with a simple lock. You pass through the door and close/lock it when you’re through it
  • Swing Open – the entire gate barrier can be lifted off the hinges mounted on the walls and swung open and shut
  • Step Over – usually smaller gates for small dogs. You can completely step over these gates because of their height whilst still blocking your dog


A Few Other Things To Be Aware Of When Buying A Pet Gate

  • Make sure you measure the size of the opening you want to install the gate into, and check what size opening the gate is suitable for
  • Check the size of the gate door opening if it has one, and clearance of any step overs if relevant
  • Make sure the gate is tall enough for pets you want to keep contained, and that your pets won’t knock it over, try to jump it, or break it
  • Check the gate will be able to be secured properly and safely for your intended uses
  • Check the age of child the gate is designed for (if you intend on using it for kids too)
  • Check that the gate meets any relevant safety regulations and standards, and is going to be safe for the intended use in general
  • Read the set up, operation and safety instructions prior to use
  • Check the gate aesthetically matches in with your home
  • Check if the gate is a multiple use gate
  • Check if any add ons, kits or extensions come with the gate


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