Best Portable Dog Pools: Plastic, Foldable, Bone Shaped & More!


There’s many ways to keep your dog cool in the summer, but there’s not many more ways that provide as much fun as a dog pool does!

In this guide we take a look at some of the best portable dog pool options like plastic dog pools, foldable dog pools and bone shaped dog pools.

It’s important to note that the foldable dog pools have largely taken the place of the more fragile inflatable dog pools in recent years.

This is good as you get a more heavy duty heavy wearing pool for your dog’s paws and nails.

Let’s check out some of the best options!


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Best Portable Dog Pools: Plastic, Foldable, Bone Shaped & More!

Our top picks for the best portable pet and dog pools are:


Best Portable Dog Pools: Reviews

Jasonwell Foldable/Collapsible Dog Pool

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A foldable and collapsible portable dog pool for small to large pets – can fit one or multiple pets

Very affordable in price

Comes in 5 sizes from small to XXL

XXL measures 63inch.D x 11.8inch.H

The pool is made of a thick PVC material that is solid – so there is no need to inflate. Inside the pvc on the wall panelling is high density fibreboard

You can set it up and collapse the pool in minutes

There’s a side drain on the pool to drain the water easily

The PVC meets the EN71 and ASTM standards

You can use this pool for both pets and children

Inside the pool kit you get 1 X Foldable Pet Bathing and Swimming Pool, 1 X EVA storage bag

Trim your pet’s nails before they use the pool

Put a tarp beneath the pool when you use it on grass or hard surfaces to protect it from being damaged



Not for dogs who chew




FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

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A collapsible and foldable pet pool

Very easy to fold down and take with you where you need to put it

Comes in 3 sizes – small, large and extra large

XL measures 60 inches dimeter x 12 inches in height at the walls

Can fit one or multiple small to large pets

Made of a tough PVC material

Has a drain on the wall you can use to empty the water when you’re finished

Put a tarp beneath the pool when you use it on grass or hard surfaces to protect it from being damaged



Not for dogs that like to chew

Slightly expensive compared to other foldable PVC dog pools on the market




One Dog One Bone Bone Shaped Pool


A bone shaped pool

The pool measures 66 inches L x 44 inches W x 11 inches H 

Made with a heavy duty truck bed liner material – better for chewers and stronger in general than the PVC material pools

Holds 85 gallons of water

Has a brass cap and drain for draining water

UV and chew resistant

Made in the USA



Expensive price point. It is assumed this is because of the material the pool is made of





Read a review of the One Dog, One Bone Pool here.


Best Portable Dog Pools: Buyer’s Guide

Which Dog Pool Should You Get?

The One Dog One Bone Dog Pool is probably better for larger dogs, more destructive dogs or people who want a more heavy duty pool.

The foldable dog pools are cheaper but easier to scratch and damage


What Size Dog Pool To Get?

Look at the length and width of the dog pool, or diameter, and measure your dog.

Make sure your dog can fit inside the dimensions of the dog pool size.

You may be able to fit one or multiple pets in the same pool if it’s big enough.


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