Best Place To Put A Dog Door


The good thing about dog doors is that there is a wide selection of them on the market.

What that means is there are dog doors designed to be installed or mounted across different locations around the house.

Such mounting locations include but aren’t limited to internal and entry/exit doors, walls, aluminium sliding doors and windows, aluminum and vinyl window sashes, screen doors, & more.

We’ve linked you to guides below where you can find dog doors for different mounting locations to suit your needs.


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Best Place To Put A Dog Door


Where Can You Actually Put A Dog Door?

You can find out where a dog door can be installed by reading the product description provided by the manufacturer.

They will tell you where you can mount the door, and how to mount it.


Some of the different places you can put dog doors are:


Best Overall Dog Doors

One of the best dog door guides we’ve put together is this one – you can find out about the most popular dog doors, across different dog door types, for installation in mounting locations.

It’s a compilation guide about dog doors that can be installed in regular house timber doors (and other doors), but also internal and external walls, aluminum windows and doors, screen doors, and more.


Some of the most popular regular dog doors for regular doors and windows are:

For Installation Into Doors


For Installation Into Walls


Dog Doors For Walls

Read more about the best dog doors for wall installation here.

Read more about dog doors for a brick wall or exterior wall here.

Read more about dog doors for garage walls here.


Dog Doors For An Aluminum Sliding Glass Door

Read more about dog doors for aluminum sliding glass doors here.


Dog Doors For Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Read more about dog doors for vinyl sliding glass door here.


Dog Doors For A Sliding Screen Door

Read more about the best dog doors for sliding screen doors here.


Dog Doors For Screen Porches & Screen Enclosures

Read more about the best dog doors for screen porches and screen enclosures here.


Dog Doors For Aluminum Sash Windows

Read more about the best dog doors for aluminum sash windows here.


Dog Doors That Can Be Installed Without Cutting A Door

Some dog doors don’t require cutting or drilling.

Read more about dog doors that can be installed without cutting doors here.


Doors With Dog Doors Already Installed

Read more about doors with dog doors already installed here.


Dog Doors For Renters

If you’re a renter, you may want to read this guide which outlines what might be some suitable dog doors for rental properties.


Dog Door Alternatives

If you want a device that works similar to a dog door, but isn’t a dog door, read this guide.


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