Best Pet Nail Grooming Tool: Reviews, & Buyer’s Guide



There’s several types of tools that can be used to groom a pet’s nails.

In this guide, we outline those tools, along with listing which ones might be the best and why.

Let’s take a look at them.


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Best Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Some of the top rated tools for grooming and trimming pet nails in each category are:

Nail Clippers/Trimmers

Nail Grinders

Nail Files


Best Pet Nail Grooming Tool: Reviews

Read review type guides here:


Best Pet Nail Grooming Tool: Buyer’s Guide

A Note On Pet Nail Grooming & Safety

Before attempting to groom or trim your pet’s nails – go see your pet’s vet and ask them to show you a safe way to do it, and what tools to use.

They can show you important things such as where the nerve is in your pet’s nail, and how to avoid it.


Clippers vs Grinders vs Files – Which To Use?

  • Clippers use a scissors like motion and cut straight through the nail.
  • Grinders grind or sand the nail as opposed to cutting it.
  • Files gradually file the nail down.

  • An advantage to using clippers is that there isn’t the noise of an electric or battery operated grinder to worry about. There can be significant force required with clippers for bigger and thicker nails though 
  • An advantage to a grinder is that they don’t require as much impact force as a pair of clipper, and they can also round off or smooth off the nail. A disadvantage is that some pets might be slightly scared of an electric grinder or scared of the noise
  • An advantage of a file is that there’s no electric grinder noise. A disadvantage is that they might not be good for anything more than rounding off a nail – as opposed to cutting or grinding off larger amounts of nail

  • Generally, most owners might use a pair of manual nail clippers/trimmers, or a basic/affordable grinder with a sanding bit (on a sanding wheel) or a grinding stone


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