Best Materials & Fabrics For Dog Beds: For Different Uses, & Different Dogs



When it comes to dog beds, there’s different materials and fabrics available.

The best materials and fabrics for dog beds will suit different used and of course different dogs.

For example, some dog beds are made with a stuffing or foam interior with a soft external cover.

Others are made with a metal frame which raises a thin layer of fabric your dog lays on up off the ground.

Let’s check out these materials and fabrics and see which is best for your dog.


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Best Materials & Fabrics For Dog Beds: For Different Uses, & Different Dogs

So, when it comes to materials and fabrics on dog beds, you’ve got:

  • The exterior liner material/fabric
  • The interior liner material/fabric
  • The core material/fabric, and what the foam is made of


1) Mattress, Cushion and Support Dog Beds

Mattress, cushion and support type beds are usually polyfill dog beds with stuffing in them, or memory foam and orthopedic foam dog beds.

You can read more about some of the best mattress, cushion and support dog beds in this guide.

They are very popular. Materials and fabrics in them include:

External Material/Fabrics

  • Faux fur
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber covers
  • Suede covers

Internal Line Material/Fabrics

  • Waterproof internal liner – soft fibre and a plastic membrane

Core Material/Fabrics

  • Cotton solid or shredded stuffing
  • Polyfill interior
  • Foam interior

Who Are These Beds Best For?

People who want comfort and cushioning for their dogs, and in the case of the high quality foam beds, support for joints as well. You might have support as a priority if you have a large or giant dog who have more pressure on their joins from their heavier weight.

Some of these beds look nice inside with color neutral covers, so if you want a nice looking inside dog bed, they might be a good option too.


2) Outside Dog Beds and Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated and raised dog beds are great as a durable dog bed that won’t trap as many odors and is easier to clean than a mattress, cushion and support bed.

They are essentially a frame with a piece of fabric going across them that is raised off the ground.

They are beds that can be put inside and outside, and have good ventilation.

The downside is they don’t have the cushioning and foam support mattress beds do, but they are still soft.

Read more about the best outdoor dog beds in this guide.

The materials and fabrics they consist of might be:

External Material/Fabrics

  • Metal or PVC Frame – steel, PVC or aluminium usually
  • UV treated shade cloth type knitted fabric
  • Rip Stop fabric (stops tears and rips spreading)
  • Cordura fabric (similar to vinyl)
  • Vinyl fabric


Who Are These Beds Best For?

  • People who want an inside/outside bed
  • People who want a dog bed that is easy to clean
  • People who want a well ventilated dog bed
  • People who want a light dog bed
  • People who want a chew resistant and almost indestructible dog bed compared to the easy to tear apart mattress dog beds with zippers and stuffing


3) Dog Beds That Look Like Furniture or Sofas/Lounges/Couches

If you love your inside decor, you may want a dog bed that goes well with your living room furniture for example.

You can get dog beds that look like couches, loungers and sofas which you can read more about in this guide.

The materials and fabrics in these beds might include:

External Material/Fabrics

  • Faux Leather
  • Microsuede Cover
  • Leatherette fabric

Internal Line Material/Fabrics

  • Wooden or metal frame 

Core Material/Fabrics

  • Polyester stuffing
  • Memory foam

Who Are These Beds Best For?

  • People who want soft core dog beds that have cushioning and support
  • People who want a dog bed that goes well with their interior decoration


Examples Of What Some Of The Best Dog Beds Might Be Made Of

In other guides we have listed the best dog beds for different types of dog breeds.

This is a collection of those beds – you can check them out to get a better idea of how the best beds might be made, and what they are made of

The bed for example shows you a cross section of what it’s made of in it’s different layers – from the top faux cover, to the liner, foam, and base.

These are the beds:

Beds For Dogs Of Most Sizes

Bed Specifically For Very Large & Giant Dogs

Affordable & Cheaper Dog Beds

Foam Dog Beds (Regular Foam, Memory Foam, & Orthopedic Foam)

Outdoor & Raised/Elevated Dog Beds

Donut Dog Beds

Dog Beds Designed To Match Home Decor

Dogs Beds That Come With A Waterproof Or Water Resistant Liner

  • A few examples of beds from this list that come with water proof or water resistant liners are …
  • The PupLounge comes with a Waterproof memory foam liner
  • The Big Barker bed has a water proof liner that can be purchased separately – Big Barker Headrest Edition Waterproof Dog Bed Liner (on Chewy)
  • The Petfusion Ultimate Lounge Bed comes with a water resistant outer liner, and a waterproof base liner
  • The Dogbed4less bed comes with a waterproof internal liner
  • Other beds on the list may come with their own types liners too – check the product details to confirm which ones 

Dog Beds For Chewers


*Note – make sure you measure your dog both from their behind to the tip of their nose, and from their paws to the top of their shoulders and also head, and pick a dog bed that will comfortably and safely fit their body length and width ways. Pick a size of bed that comfortably gives them a few extra inches in each direction. Also, make sure you get a dog bed with adequate support for your dog’s body (solid certified orthopedic and memory foams can be more desirable than a regular slab foam, or a crated out foam). Some people also like a specific feature, such as a waterproof liner included, or will look to order one separately (can especially help to protect an investment in a foam bed).

Read the dog bed product description, features, inclusions, and check details and sizing dimensions before ordering.


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