Best Lockable Dog Door With A Lock, Or Security Panel


You may want a dog door with a bit more security, so we’ve put this guide together about the best lockable dog door with locking features or a security panel/close off panel.

The good news is that there is a few different models to choose from, so there’s a good chance you find something for you.

Below you can find a top rated list, as well as individual reviews of each dog door and a useful buyer’s guide.

Let’s check out what we’ve got!


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Best Lockable Dog Door With A Lock, Or Security Panel

Our top picks for the best lockable dog doors with locks or security panels are:

Regular Pet Doors


Heavy Duty &/Or Weatherproof Pet Doors


Electronic & Automatic Pet Doors


Aluminum & Vinyl Sliding Glass Door Pet Doors


Window Sash Pet Door


Screen Door Pet Doors


Some other dog doors you may want to check out are heavy duty dog doors, and burglar proof dog doors.


Best Lockable Dog Doors With A Lock Or Security Panel: Reviews

You can also find individual reviews for each brand of dog door listed above here:

Ideal Pet Products Original Plastic Pet Door – Reviews Guide

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door – Reviews Guide

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door – Reviews Guide

Dog Mate Pet Door – Reviews Guide

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door – Review Guide

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door – Review Guide

Plexidor Electronic Dog Door – Reviews Guide

High Tech Power Pet Door – Reviews Guide

Plexidor Pet Doors – Reviews Guide

Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Door – Reviews Guide

Endura Flap Double Flap Door Mount Pet Door – Reviews Guide

Ideal Pet Products Ruff Weather Pet Door – Review Guide

Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door – Reviews Guide

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door – Reviews Guide

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Sliding Glass Door Pet Door – Review Guide

Ideal Pet Products Vinyl Sliding Glass Door Pet Door – Review Guide

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door – Review Guide


Best Lockable Dog Doors With A Lock Or Security Panel: Buyer’s Guide

Dog Doors With Security Panels & Close Off Panels

Most of the dog doors above come with close off panels.

These are simply hard plastic panels that you slide or clip onto the inside face of the dog door (from the inside of your house), to close off the opening.


Dog Doors With Manual Locks & Keys

The regular Plexidor Dog Door (on Amazon) comes with a steel security plate and a manual lock and key mechanism.

This offers a bit of an upgrade in locking security over the other close off panel dog doors.


Dog Doors With Electronic/Automatic Locking

The electronic/automatic dog doors stay locked and closed off as a default.

They only open or unlock when a pet with an identifying chip, tag or collar approach the door.


Other Dog Doors

You can check out the best dog doors across different dog door types in this guide.

We also include information such as how to pick the right size dog door, and how to install a dog door.



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