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The main purpose for having an insulated dog door is to keep the outside weather…outside.

If you do live in a climate which gets very cold or very hot, it’s worth looking at the best insulated dog door for your door or wall.

A good insulated dog door will come in a range of sizes, and have an efficient flap and frame design that insulates, and doesn’t just say it does.

Let’s look at the options available…


Top Rated List of Insulated Dog Doors

Best Insulated Dog Door – Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door (on Amazon)

Best Cheap Insulated Dog Door – PetSafe Extreme Weather Door (on Amazon)


Best Insulated Dog Door: Reviews

PetSafe Extreme Weather Door

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When it comes to the best cheap insulated dog door for cold weather, the two leaders are either this Petsafe Extreme Weather Door, or the Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame (on Amazon).

Whilst the main drawback with this Petsafe Extreme Weather Door is that is can be a pain to install, it does what it is suppose to do once installed – insulate your house from the cold (or hot) weather.

The Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame is much easier to install and is built well for cold weather, but it has one major design flaw – the flaps tend to get stuck with friction and let cold air in (it is otherwise a great cold weather dog door for insulation).

So, we chose the PetSafe Extreme Weather Door.

Who Is This Dog Door For?

  • Those looking for a cheaper dog door for insulation or cold weather

Who Is This Dog Door Not For?

  • Those looking for a standard dog door

What’s Good About It?

  • 3-flap system with a center insulated flap is perfect for hot and cold climates or to help keep the warm and cool air inside your home
  • Provides 3.5 times more energy efficiency than a traditional single flap pet door
  • Paintable plastic frame to match your door color and décor
  • Detailed installation instructions and cutting template included
  • For installation in doors 1 5/8″ to 2 1/4″ thick
  • Large is designed for pets 100 lbs. or less; flap opening size is 10 1/8″ W x 16 1/4″ H

What’s Not So Great?

  • Snap on closing panel comes off very easily – not as good as a slide on security panel
  • Can be difficult to install – template only covers the flap – not where to screws are to go
  • Plastic screws – no real issue with them, but would be nice to have metal screws
  • Middle insulation flap isn’t transparent – some dogs can have trouble knowing to go through

What Else Do You Need To Use This Dog Door?

  • You’ll need a cutting tool like a jigsaw, a drill and a screwdriver
  • If you have real troubles installation – search ‘ PetSafe Extreme Weather Door installation instructions’ on Google for several installation videos

Where Can I Check Out This Dog Door?

View the PetSafe Extreme Weather Door on Amazon


Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

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We rated this pet door as the best dog door for cold weather and the best insulated dog door.

There isn’t the installation problems of the PetSafe Extreme Weather Door, or the design issues with the flaps letting in cold air that the Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame has.

For dogs the size of a German Shepherd, the Super Large size is worth consideration.

Who Is This Dog Door For?

  • People who want a door or wall mounted insulated dog door
  • People who want a door or wall mounted dog door for cold weather

Who Is This Dog Door Not For?

  • Those who want a regular pet door
  • Those who want a cheap insulated dog door for cold weather

What’s Good About It?

  • Energy efficient structural foam molded plastic
  • Adjustable frame telescopes ¾-inch to 1 ¾-inch thickness
  • Innovative Double Vinyl Flap design creates energy efficient air pocket for maximum insulation
  • Flap Size is 15-inch by 23 1/2-inch on the Super Large model
  • For the door version – air pocket of up to 3-inch between the 2 flaps in a door installation
  • With the wall kit – an air pocket of up to 9-inch

What’s Not So Great?

  • Super Large size is quite expensive
  • Screws are very long, and are philips head (not regular screws). They also seem to strip easier than other screws so be careful of that when installing
  • Security panel locks on – but isn’t very strong (doesn’t slide on like a lot of other models)

What Else Do You Need To Use This Dog Door?

  • For installation you’ll need a cutting tool like a jigsaw, drill and Philips head screwdriver

Where Can I Check Out This Dog Door?

View the Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door on Amazon


Best Insulated Dog Door: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is An Insulated Dog Door?

Insulated dog doors are dog doors designed to insulate the the inside of your house.

They do this with energy efficient frames (structural frames) and flap designs (3 flaps with an air pocket to minimise heat and cold transfer between inside and outside environments).


Types Of Insulated Dog Doors

Insulated dog doors can be differentiated in type according to a few things:

1. What sized dog they are rated for – in pounds

2. Whether they can be installed on a wall or door

3. What the dog door flap and air pocket design is like


What Are Insulated Dog Doors Used For?

Insulated dog doors are used mainly in geographic locations that are hotter or colder than other locations for short or extended parts of the year.

Their main purpose is to maintain the internal house temperature and environment, and let in minimal hot air and cool drafts.


Which Insulated Dog Door To Get – How To Choose?

The main decisions in choosing an insulated dog door include:

1. The size of the dog door – S, M, L

2. Whether you get a door mounted or wall mounted insulated dog door

3. What sort of design you want in terms of the number of dog door flaps and the size of the air pocket


Which Features To Look For, And Considerations To Make With Insulated Dog Doors

  • How does the dog door function practically – do the flaps get caught on the door, or do they get back to their resting position and seal the door properly? 
  • How many flaps does the door have? Does it have a middle/centre insulated flap?
  • Are there any energy efficiency ratings or other insulation ratings for the dog door? 
  • Can you paint the dog door frame? 
  • Does the dog door have installation instruction and a cutting template? 
  • What thickness of doors is the dog door suitable for installation in?
  • Does the dog door come in different sizes for different sized dogs? – S, M, L?
  • What security measures does the dog door have – if a security panel, is it snap on or slide on? 
  • Are the screws used for the dog door metal or plastic?
  • Are all the flaps on the dog door transparent? Or is the middle one for example not see through?
  • What cutting tools do you need to install the dog door? – jigsaw, drill, screwdriver? 
  • Can the dog door be mounted on doors AND walls?
  • Does the dog door frame telescope (adjust in depth) for different thickness door and walls?
  • What size air pocket is there between the front and back flap?


Insulated Dog Doors – Accessories & Extras

  • Cutting tools
  • Wall kit (for wall installations)
  • Extra weather sealant or caulking for edges of door (only for some dog doors)


Best Insulated Dog Door: Resources



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