Best Life Jacket For German Shepherds & Large Dogs


This article has been written specifically to find the Best German Shepherd Life Jacket/Vest, but can be used for large dogs of any any breed.

It compliments this guide on the best life jackets for small through to large dogs.

With a doggy flotation device being required by law in some areas when out on the open water, a life jacket or vest becomes an important piece of equipment.

The Best German Shepherd life jacket/vest will have a range of features which allow your large dog to play and swim in the water safely and freely.

This guide contains an assessment of the best life preserver, aswell as essential advice, such as, how to measure your GSD or large dog for a life jacket and more!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Top Rated Life Jackets For German Shepherds And Large Dogs

Some of our top picks are:

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Does My Dog Need a Life Jacket?

As we mentioned above, you will definitely need a life jacket if it is required by law in your area – either in a private or public place.

But, even if it is not a legal requirement, a lifejacket can be a priceless safety investment for puppies that are around a household pool frequently, or for dogs that are exposed to the open water (lakes and oceans). 

They become even more important if either the dog or the owner aren’t particularly strong swimmers.

Do you fit into any of the categories below?

Take your dog out on the boat, kayaking, or to the beach/ocean often?

Expose your dog to the backyard pool often as a puppy or adult?

Are you or your dog poor swimmers?

Holiday or go away to places (camping for example) with your dog that have open water sources like lakes or rivers

Your country or area requires lifejackets for dog by law


You may need to consider a life preserver in the above cases.


Can, or Do German Shepherds Like To Swim?

We wrote about this topic in ‘Do German Shepherds Like To Swim? Like, Or Hate Water?’ 

This article contains information training your German Shepherd to Swim, and to enjoy water again if it is afraid.


Purpose of The Best Life Jacket/Vest

The best life jacket for German Shepherds and large dogs will achieve two main purposes:

Allow your puppy or dog to swim and play in water comfortably and freely (no restriction on movement or ‘dog paddling’)

Protect your dog’s life by prevention of drowning, and easy rescue by the owner


Best Life Jacket For German Shepherds and Large Dogs –What to Look For When Reviewing A Vest

When reviewing a vest or jacket, the Best dog life preservers will meet the following criteria:

Strong buoancy that keeps your GSD or large dog above water

Fits your German Shepherd and is easily adjustable

Easy to put on and take off

Strong rescue handles ontop of the jacket for picking your puppy or dog out of the water

Float mechanism at the front of jacket, to keep GSD’s head above water

Bright color that is easily visible, with reflective material for darker environments

Strong and durable stitching and design, for use in fresh and salt water

Reputable company that can handle any issues you might have with the vest


How to Measure Your German Shepherd For A Water Jacket

Manufacturers usually include sizes, a sizing chart and measurements you make on your dog to match them to a size of jacket.

Look at the sizing and suggested measurements in order to find out a suitable size.



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