Best Escape Proof Dog Harness (For Escape Artist Dogs)


Has your dog managed to back their way out of every dog harness you’ve ever bought?

We feel for you, because not only is this extremely frustrating, but it can be a big safety issue when you are out in public and around traffic.

To save you frustration, money and increase the safety of your dog harness, we’ve found the best dog harnesses that aim to keep escape artists dogs from escaping.

When we say escape proof, what we mean is that a harness might be as escape resistant as a harness can get. No product is 100% escape proof. 

But, we’re sure these options will be useful to many people.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Escape Proof Dog Harness To Keep Escape Artist Dog From Escaping

Our top picks for the best escape proof dog harnesses are:


Best Escape Proof Dog Harness: Reviews

Ruffwear Web Master Harness

As escape resistant as harnesses come – has an extra stomach strap to prevent dogs backing out and flipping the harness over their head

Highly adjustable – 5 points of adjustment means you can adjust the harness for both comfort and to prevent escaping

Fits dogs from 13-17 inches, to 32-42 inch round chests for the smallest and largest sizes respectively

Harness is well padded which makes it very comfortable for your dog to wear

Good for dogs that pull – has 2 attachment points, one at the front for more control, and one at the back for general walking

For a range of activities – from walking, to running, to hiking and lots of working type and high adventure activities

Has a control handle on the back of the harness to help you steer and lift your dog

Has reflective trim for more visibility in the dark

Comes in 3 colors – blue, red and grey

Comes in 5 sizes from XX Small to X Large

Compatible with other Ruffwear products

View Ruffwear Web Master Harness (on Amazon)


Escape Resistant Harness Leash 2 in 1

An all in one leash and harness that pulls/tightens gently into your dog’s body as they pull or try escape, and relaxes as your dog relaxes

Material is very soft, but it can chafe some dogs, or even matte fur

Material is very strong with a tensile strength of 3,700 lbs, which is strong enough to hold a boat

Two sizes available – small/medium for dogs 14 to 40 lbs, and medium/large dogs 40 to 200 lbs

7 colors available – black, blue, lotus, peacock, orange, pink and red

Best used as a walking leash, and not really for high intensity activities like running or hiking

Not for really aggressive pulling dogs – you’re better off getting a harness and separate leash for aggressive pullers

View Escape Resistant Harness Lead (on Amazon)


Best Escape Proof Dog Harness: Buyer’s Guide

How Do Dogs Usually Escape A Harness?

Most dogs that are great escape artists will lower their head, pin the front of the harness down and try to back out of the back of the harness.

Loose fitting harnesses that don’t hug your dog’s body with many points of gentle pressure are the easiest to escape from.

Some dogs may also look to simply chew their way out of a harness.


How Do Escape Proof Harnesses Stop Dogs From Escaping?

Ruffwear Harness

Has an extra back/stomach strap to prevent dogs backing out. Most harnesses only have the front chest straps and one stomach/back strap

Has 5 adjustable points on the harness to make the harness a tight fit without making it uncomfortable


Escape Resistant Harness Leash

An all in one leash/harness that tightens as your dog pulls or tries to escape

Not as versatile as the Ruffwear harness


Do These Harnesses Work For Three Legged Dogs That Are Missing A Front Leg?

There’s no reason both harnesses shouldn’t work for a dog that is missing a front leg.

But, it depends on your particular dog’s condition, so weigh that up and make a decision for yourself.


More Dog Harnesses

In this guide, we list some of the other dog harness options across various dog harness types.



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4 thoughts on “Best Escape Proof Dog Harness (For Escape Artist Dogs)”

  1. The Escape Resistant Harness Leash 2 in 1 does chafe and has matted my dogs fur a quite bit as well. Just at heads up! It’s not too bad. Worth it for now as it is very escape proof and my dog loves to back out of her harness and run into traffic >.<

  2. Do you make an escape proof full body dog harness that has straps that go around the back end, with leg openings ? I’m desperate. Thanks

    • I don’t know of a full body harness, but I have successfully used a two-leash system with my lovable rescue who has moments of extreme panic when faced with people, noises or activity that startle him. I use a Martingale collar which you can get online or at PetSmart with one leash; I use a Kong Harness* with another leash. In moment of panic, if one system starts to fail, the other usually is still working. Only once in the last 5 years did both fail simultaneously, and fortunately that was in my own back yard (and it wasn’t in a panic, but in an effort to roll in some stinky, gross animal droppings. Ugh! )
      * I am actually about to replace the Kong Harness with a Ruff Stuff Harness (which may only be available online) because that sounds like an even better option.


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