Best Double Dog House & Duplex Dog House For Outdoors: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide



A double dog house adds something to the character of a normal plain dog house.

These dog houses are the ones with the double entry doors, and are usually twice the size of a normal dog house.

The best double dog house options on the moment are good without being great – they do have their limitations.

We analyse them so you can get a quick idea if they are for you.

Let’s take a look!


Best Double Dog House & Duplex Dog House For Outdoors: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our top two choices for double dog houses are:


Best Double Dog House & Duplex Dog House For Outdoors: Reviews 

Merry Extra Large Cream/White & Brown Dog House

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If you want a dog house more for it’s lovely look than the thickness/strength of the materials used, this dog house could be good for you.

The features of this dog house include:

  • Easy to assemble with no tools other than a screwdriver
  • It will fit two small to medium sized dogs or one extra large sized dog
  • Two dog door entry/exit openings
  • Two plastic strip dog doors come with the openings
  • A removable internal partition so you can organise the inside of the dog house for one or two sleeping areas
  • A removable ceiling and floor – makes cleaning super easy

Dimension are External (overall house): 73W x 39D x 42H inches, Internal (on each side): 30W x 30D x 40H inches, and Door Opening (on each side): 18W x 24H inches.

The one drawback to this dog house is that the material is definitely not the strongest material there is – the wood is quite thin.

The dog house won’t fall apart on you, but it’s not as strong as the hardened plastic dog house like the Petmate Igloo or a solid raised wood dog house that you can get for example.

Because the material is thin – don’t expect it to insulate against the heat or cold very well.

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Merry Extra Large Honey & Black Dog House

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This is essentially the same dog house as the one above, just in different colors.

The same issues persist – the material is quite thin and won’t insulate well.

We’re not sure if the two colors of dog houses are manufactured separately, but the quality of the materials and craftsmanship when they come out of manufacturing seems to be slightly worse with this honey and black color dog house.

We would steer clear of this one and only go for the cream/white and brown option if you do decide a double dog house is for you.

View Merry Extra Large Honey & Black Dog House (on Amazon)


Best Double Dog House & Duplex Dog House For Outdoors: Buyer’s Guide

Standard Dog House vs Double Dog House – Which To Get?

To be honest, we are more fans of the standard dog houses.

Even if you get two standard single dog dog houses separately for your two dogs, you’ll probably end up paying the same price.

You can check out a full guide of the best indoor and outdoor dog houses here.

Having said that – some people prefer the look of the double dog houses which is understandable.

If you do get one, just understand that’s probably about the only thing that is of decent quality about them – how they look in a backyard.

The strength, durability, waterproofing (lack of), insulation (lack of) and design/how they go together are all average to poor quality.


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