Best Dog Leash For The Beach & Swimming


There’s a few things that make a dog leash good for the beach and swimming.

Not only do you want the leash material to not take on a lot of water, but you want it to be able to stand up to salt and sand.

You may also want a longer leash that allows your dog to play in the water while you stand on the water’s edge.

We’ve previously outlined what some of the best overall dog leashes are (you might like to check these out if any of the leases below don’t suit what you’re looking for), but in the guide below we list the best dog leashes for the beach and swimming.

Let’s take a look at them!


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Best Dog Leash For The Beach & Swimming

Our top picks for the best dog leashes for the beach and swimming are:

Regular Nylon Leash


Waterproof Hand Leash


Long Leash


*Note – if you are dealing with saltwater and sand, make sure to read the leash maintenance instruction and wash, clean your leash as required to prevent rusting and rotting.


Best Dog Leash For The Beach & Swimming: Reviews

Pet Lovers Club Heavy Duty Nylon Leash

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Made of a very heavy duty nylon material that won’t fill with water like a cotton lead will

Comes in both a 1 layer, and a 2 layer version of the leash – 2 layer for big dogs with more strength

The leash is 6 feet in length which makes it good as a short dog leash

The grip is very soft and comfortable

Strong metal clip for attaching to a harness or collar

Comes in 5 different colors

Make sure you wash the leash off including the metal clip with freshwater after using

Not specifically designed for the beach and water, but it performs well

View Pet Lovers Club Heavy Duty Nylon Leash (on Amazon)


LeashBoss Long Nylon Leash

A very versatile leash – Great for hiking, camping, training, hunting, backyard, beach, recall training, outdoor play with tennis balls, and swimming!

Made of very high quality nylon that is both very strong, and won’t fill with water like cotton leashes do

Comes in 4 different maximum lengths – 15, 20, 30 and 50 feet

Comes in two colors – black, or a highly visible orange

Has a leash hook and loop system that allows you to easily wrap up your leash

Comes with a a 5 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects, product issues, and chewed leashes.

View LeashBoss Long Nylon Leash (on Amazon)


Soft Lines Swim Snap Dog Leash

Floatable dog leash made of multifilament polypropylene fibers

Has a stainless steel snap close spring hook that is more resistant to salt and sand

Stay soft and pliable in cold conditions

Releases knots easier than nylon or cotton ropes.

Excellent resistance to rot and mildew, acids and alkalis (salt water), and oils and gas

0.25 inches thick

Designed specifically for the water and beach

View Soft Lines Swim Snap Dog Leash (on Amazon)


Best Dog Leash For The Beach & Swimming: Buyer’s Guide

What Makes A Good Dog Leash For The Beach and Swimming?

Features that make up a good beach dog leash are:

Nylon or similar material that won’t take on heaps of water like a cotton leash might


A collar/harness clips that stands up to rust and sand – stainless steel snap closures tend to work better than the slide closures because sand doesn’t clog them as easily.

A long leash for dogs that like to run and go swimming while you stand still

Material that floats in the water


We could not find any strong or adequate dog leashes with hardened plastic clips (plastic would do much better against sand and salt, but is also weaker overall than metal)


What’s The Best Floatable Dog Leash?

The Soft Lines Swim Snap Dog Leash is a floatable dog leash.


What’s The Best Long Dog Leash For The Beach?

The Leashboss Long Nylon leash is the best long dog leash for the beach.


What’s The Best Dog Leash For Swimming?

Probably either the Soft Lines or the Leashboss – both are long enough that you can stand on the edge of the water, or stand on land while your dog swims.

But, it depends on your preferences. 


What’s The Best Waterproof Dog Leash?

It depends what you mean by waterproof.

All of the above leashes won’t soak up or take on water as much as other leashes because the material is not designed to.

The Soft lines dog leash probably has the best leash clip for protection against salt water, but as long as you wash off any dog leash with fresh water after you’ve been to the beach, they should be ok.

The EzyDog has a waterproof neoprene lined handle.



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