Best Dog Grooming Tables


When selecting a dog grooming table, it’s important to consider the type and size of grooming table you want.

For most people, a standard folding table comes in a range of sizes for different dogs, and can be good value for money.

Having said that, there are also electric and hydraulic tables as well – they allow you hands free height adjustment of the table.

Below we’ve put together a top rated list and buyer’s guide of the different types of dog grooming tables available for different uses.

Let’s check them out!


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Best Dog Grooming Tables

Our top picks for the best dog grooming tables for at home use are:


Portable & Foldable Dog Grooming Tables


Electric Dog Grooming Tables


Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tables


Adjustable Height Dog Grooming Tables


Dog Grooming Tables For Small Dogs


Dog Grooming Tables For Large Dogs


Dog Grooming Arm

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Best Dog Grooming Tables: Buyer’s Guide

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Grooming Tables?

Some of the different types of tables might include:

Folding & Portable Tables

Electric Tables

Hydraulic Tables

Adjustable Height Tables

Small & Medium Sized Tables

Large Sized Tables

Home Use Type Tables


Electric Dog Grooming Tables

A grooming table that allows you to electronically/automatically adjust the height of the table instead of manually. 

Electric dog grooming tables function with a hand free foot pedal, with both UP and DOWN pedals, that allow you to automatically adjust the height of the table top.

Tend to be more expensive than regular grooming tables.


Standard Dog Grooming Tables – Portable, Adjustable, Lightweight

The standard dog grooming table is one with either chrome or stainless steel legs.

These tables are usually portable, and may or may not be height adjustable.

With portable tables, the legs fold up and into the table, so you can pick the table up and carry/transport it to other locations.

Most of these tables come at one height, but there are some that are height adjustable.

A portable and foldable dog grooming table is the way to go if you want a lighter weight table you pack up and take anywhere.

The good thing about these types of grooming tables is that the better quality ones are strong, but are very affordable.

They are usually the most affordable option, and are lightweight.


Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tables

A grooming table that allows you to hydraulically adjust the height of the table instead of manually.

Most of them allow hands-free adjustment with a hydraulic foot pump.


Electric vs Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tables

In terms of electric and hydraulic dog grooming tables, our preference is an electric table over the hydraulic ones as they seem to be smoother in adjusting the height.

But, you may have a different preference and experience.


Specialty Dog Grooming Tables

There are specialty tables made just for small dogs that are a small circular table, instead of the bigger rectangular tables.


Dog Grooming Tables For Small, Medium & Large Dogs

There’s several things to consider when picking a size of dog grooming table for different sized dogs.

We’ve outlined these considerations below.


What Size Grooming Table To Get For Your Dog?

Take into consideration three things:

– the weight capacity of the table in lbs

– the length and width of the tabletop

– the height of the table


Make sure your dog can fit on the tabletop surface sitting or laying down, and they aren’t too heavy for it.


What Type Of Dog Grooming Table Might You Get For At Home Use?

The value for money option is a folding dog grooming table.

They come in all different sizes for different dogs, and are portable and able to be stored away as well.

Despite this portability, they are quite strong when set up.

You may consider electric or hydraulic tables if you want different methods of adjusting the height of the table.

You may also consider a specialty table for small dogs for example.


What Features And Things Might You Look Out For In A Dog Grooming Table?

Some considerations you might look out for in a grooming table are:


What the weight capacity is of the table – how many lbs it can carry

What the length and width measurements of the tabletop are – if it’s a round tabletop, or a rectangular tabletop

What the legs are made of – stainless steel, chrome? 

What the lift style is if its an electric or hydraulic table – X style, Z Style, double X style?

What heights the tabletop adjusts in between

If there is a foot pedal, is it on both sides of the table, and can it be folded into the table?

How you control the height of the table – manual adjustment? Electric controls? Hydraulic pump?

What is the tabletop made of – is it easy to clean?

Can the tabletop be removed? Does it lock back into place?

Does an under table basket come with the table to store pet supplies?

How much does the table weigh in total?

What is the warranty on the table, and motor if applicable? What is the duration and what are the conditions?

Can you add a grooming arm to the table? Is this bought separately?

Can you add wheels to the table? Is this bought separately?

Does the table come with grooming hooks to hang clippers and other items?




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