Best Dog Exercise Pen With A Bottom Floor & Base



When we are talking about dog exercise pens, we are talking about the larger metal or hardened plastic pens, that are bigger in size than a puppy playpen.

In this guide, we take a look at your options if you are looking for the best dog exercise pen with a bottom floor or base.

The thing is though is that there are no dog exercise pens with an in built base, they all come with open floors and are usually set up outside on some grass.

If you intend to set them up inside or on a patio deck for example though, there are a few options for you if you want a floor/base for catching mess and dirt, or to prevent damage to your floor surface.

Let’s look at the best dog exercise pens, and the flooring options!


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Best Dog Exercise Pen With A Bottom Floor & Base


1) What Are The Best Dog Exercise Pens?

There’s two main types of dog exercise pens – metal, and hardened plastic.

You can check out the best metal and plastic dog exercise pens in this guide – they come in a range of sizes and heights for dogs of different sizes.

If you prefer to go straight to checking them out, they are:

Metal Dog Exercise Pens

MidWest Homes Foldable Metal Exercise Pen (on Amazon) – available in height up to 48 inches. For enclosing pets in a 16 square foot area. For up to large sized pets

BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen (on Amazon) – comes in 32 inch high, and 40 inch high options. Made of 1/2 inch thick metal tube. For up to large sized pets

Paws & Pals Oxgord Heavy Duty Portable Metal Exercise Dog Playpen (on Amazon)comes in 24 inch, 32 inch and 40 inch high options. Made of 1/2 inch thick metal tube. For up to large sized pets

Plastic Dog Exercise Pens

IRIS USA Pet Containment Pen (on Amazon)comes in 24 inch high, and 34 inch high options. Made of heavy duty molded plastic. For small dogs only


2) What Are Your Options If You Want A Floor/Base For Your Dog Exercise Pen?

Your options might be:

For Puppies – Put Down Pee Pads, Or A Whelping Pad

Your first option if you have puppies is to put down puppy pee pads. This will help absorb any mess, and they can be changed over as frequently as you need to change them individually.

You can go with a regular option like Four Paws Wee Wee Pads (on Amazon), or an eco option like Four Paws Eco Wee Wee Pads (on Amazon)

There’s also puppy whelping pads like the EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad (on Amazon) for absorbing or preventing leaks and messes


For Puppies – Get A Puppy Playpen

Another option for puppies is instead of going with an exercise pen, you could get a puppy playpen instead – most of these playpens come with removable and cleanable bottom covers/bases.

You can read about the best puppy playpens in this guide.

If you prefer to go straight to checking out the best puppy playpens, you can see them here:

EliteField 2 Door Soft Sided Pet Playpen (on Amazon) – comes in 6 sizes, up to a 62 inches diameter x 36 inches high size

ESK COLLECTION Puppy Playpen, 48 Inch Diameter x 25 Inch Height (on Amazon) – cheap puppy playpen, 48 inch diameter x 25 inches high

ToysOpoly Pet Playpen (on Amazon) – cheap puppy playpen, 48 inches diameter x 24 inches high

Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen (on Amazon) – cheap puppy playpen, 45 inches diameter x 22 inches high

Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard (on Amazon) – comes in 3 sizes, up to a 46 inches diameter x 28 inches high size

Jespet Puppy Playpen (on Amazon) – comes in 2 sizes, up to a 61 inch diameter x 30 inch height size


For Dogs – Put Down A Waterproof Blanket

You can get large waterproof blankets for pets that feature dual soft sides for comfort and and catching mess, and an internal waterproof layer/membrane to prevent liquids from penetrating the blanket.

What you can do is simply lay one of these blankets (which are machine washable) down on the floor surface before you lay the dog exercise pen over the top of it.

An example of one of these blankets in the Mambe Waterproof Pet Blanket (on Amazon).


For Dogs – Put Down A Few Layers Of Old Sheets & Towels

For those looking for a cheaper and more economical option – get together some old bed sheets and towels, and lay them down on the floor surface.

Set your dog exercise pen up ontop of these sheets and towels.


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