Best Dog Boots For A German Shepherd Dog Or Puppy


The best dog boots for your German Shepherd dog or puppy should probably meet a few key criteria.

The first thing is that you want dog boots that are able to fit a German Shepherd’s paw size.

The second thing is that you want the boots to be suitable for the activity you want the dog boots for.

We address both these things in this guide, along with listing the top rated dog boot and it’s pros + areas for improvement.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Dog Boots For A German Shepherd Dog Or Puppy

Our top pick for the best dog boots for a German Shepherd at the moment are the:

Depending on what you want the dog boots for, you might also like to read about:

1. How to protect dog paws from heat, cold and salt

2. The best dog paw waxes, balms, butters and more, that can be used for some protective purposes 

Some people find that dog boots aren’t very effective for some uses, they don’t fit properly, or their dogs aren’t comfortable with them on.


Best Dog Boots For A German Shepherd: Review

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

View On Amazon


A pair of Water resistant dog shoes

Have a rubber sole

The rest of the shoe is made of a nylon material

The shoe fastens at the top with a velcro strap

Come in 8 different sizes

Come in 4 different colors

There’s a sizing chart provided to indicates what size shoe to get for your dog based on the width of their paw



Can be used in the house

Can be used for light and less intense activities

More of a moderate than heavy use dog shoe

Rubber sole provides some traction on hardwood and slippery floors

Rubber sole provides some protection from objects and surfaces such as sharp thorns, hot pavement, salt during winter etc.

Shoes can protect the inside of your car and your furniture from sharp dog claws

Shoes can protect paws of dogs who drag their paws

Shoes will prevent the paws from getting dirty so you don’t have to clean off the paws when your dog comes inside your house or car. You just take the shoes off

There really isn’t another dog boot out there that comes close to these in terms of how practical they are to use. That isn’t to say these boots are perfect, but they aren’t super cheaply made and won’t fall apart the first week you get them as long as you aren’t overusing them and they aren’t getting dragged along the ground all the time



The boots might be OK for light and moderate use. But there are some drawbacks:

The shoes can slip off in heavy snow of with more intense activity

The shoes can twist on some dogs’ paws if they are slightly oversized

The rubber soles can be worn through or fray off the nylon shoe material and peel with heavy use, or with dogs that drag their feet

If your dog uses the boots heavily, the nylon material can rub on the paw skin and create sores

The top velcro strap could seal the paw inside the boots a bit better

In summer, it would help if the boots had some more breathability and ventilation



These boots aren’t going to be suitable for everyone.

Some people may prefer to simply go without dog boots, or use something simple like a dog paw wax.

Preventing damage to the paw from harmful surfaces may also be a better approach



View the My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole (on Amazon)


What Might You Do About The Problems With Dog Boots?

There are a few things that owners have tried with differing levels of success to deal with the shortcomings of dog boots (because no dog boot on the market yet is perfect):

– For shoe rubber that is peeling off or damaged – some people try Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive (on Amazon) on the rubber on dog shoes when it either peels or starts wearing through.

Shoe goo can patch small holes or bond rubber back to the nylon. It’s cheaper than buying new shoes


– To protect the paw from rubbing on the shoe and causing sores and blisters – some people try either dog socks or a paw wax.

A popular dog sock is the EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks (on Amazon), and a popular dog paw wax is Mushers Dog Paw Protection Wax (on Amazon).

Socks provide a physical barrier for the paws, whilst wax provides lubrication and extra moisture for skin


– To seal off the boot to prevent dirt or snow getting inside or fasten it to the leg more tightly to prevent slipping and turning – some people try some tape such as WildCow bandage Wrap (on Amazon).

Be careful of cutting off circulation though


What Size Dog Boots/Shoes To Get For Your German Shepherd?

There is a sizing chart for the boots provided.

Measure the width of your dog’s paw, and there is a corresponding size of boot to get based on that width.

This works for dogs and puppies.




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