Best Dog Beds That Look Like Rugs



There are dog beds on the market that are designed to look like rugs that you’d have in your home.

In this guide, we list those bed and look at who they might be for.

Let’s take a look.


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Dog Beds That Look Like Rugs sells the PupRug™ range of dog beds that are designed to look like rugs that you’d have in your house, and you can view them here: 


PupRug™ Dog Bed Reviews

We’ve already put together a review of the PupRug™ dog beds here.


PupRug™ Dog Bed: Buyer’s Guide

Who Might The PupRug Beds Be For?

  • Those who want a rug style bed
  • Those who want a dog bed to match in with their home decor, or to offer a stylish alternative to regular dog beds
  • Dogs that will be OK with a 2 inch foam base
  • Those looking for some type of waterproofing in a dog bed


Who Might The PupRug Beds NOT Be For?

  • Those looking for a cheap dog bed
  • Those looking for a dog bed with more support that a bed like a bolster bed might provide for example
  • Those with destructive dogs, or chewers
  • Those looking for a dog bed with more than 2 inches of a foam base
  • The Runner and Animal Print beds may not be for Giant dogs
  • In general, larger dogs may do better with a bed with a thicker foam base – say, 4 inches or more 


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