Best Dog Agility Starter Kit For Beginners


Maybe you are serious about dog agility, or maybe you just do it for fun, or so your dog can get some exercise and stimulation.

Regardless, you might be looking for the best dog agility starter kit for beginners.

Some of the really cheap kits can not be worth the money because the quality of the agility equipment is quite poor.

What we’ve done in this guide is outlined an affordable option and a high end option – both with good quality and well made equipment.

You can choose a kit that suits you and has the equipment you are looking for.

Let’s check out the options!


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Best Dog Agility Starter Kit For Beginners

Our top picks for the best dog agility starter kits for beginners are:


Best Dog Agility Starter Kit For Beginners: Reviews

Affordable Agility, Agility In A Bag Kit

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A 5 piece dog agility kit that is lightweight, portable and easy to transport

Comes with a 36″ wide adjustable bar jump, 6 Weave Poles, a Tire jump, a pvc Pause Box and a 3 ft tunnel with closed chute

The Bar jump is 36″ wide w/adjustable jump height up to 26″

The Weave poles are spaced at 24″ and the poles are 33″ tall

The Tire jump has a 22″ diameter with adjustable height

The Tunnel is 3 ft long with 22″ diameter. It has a removable chute that is 8 ft long

The Pause Box is a 36″ pvc square frame

Comes partly assembled, and is easy to put together the rest of the items

Can be used indoor or outdoors

Comes undecorated, ready for you to create your own design with the included vinyl tape

Comes with a large, sturdy, carrying bag (38 x 30 x 3), simple assembly directions and vinyl tape for decorating

Made in the USA of furniture Grade uv resistant ¾” pvc

The whole kit only weighs around 25lbs

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Affordable Agility, Agility Essentials Kit

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A 3 piece dog agility kit

Comes with a Weave Pole Set that is 6 x 30″ tall poles spaced at 24″ apart. The pole base feet are opposite the path your dog runs. These weaves can also be separated and used for the 2×2 training method.

Comes with an Adjustable Bar Jump that features a 36” wide jump, with 30″ tall upright poles, and a displaceable jump bar (for safety) that easily adjusts up to 29″ by sliding the two snap-on jump cups up or down the side uprights. Adjusts as low as ground level for training and puppies, or as high as 29″ for big jumpers.

Comes with an Adjustable Tire jump that has a 22″ inner diameter hoop that easily adjusts up or down on the 30″ tall side upright bars.

The equipment is made of durable UV resistant furniture grade 1” OD pvc pipe and fittings that will weather the elements and stand up to the fastest of dogs.

The obstacles are shipped out undecorated and partially assembled.

Vinyl tape is included for you to personalize the equipment.

Some basic assembly of the equipment is required

The equipment is made in the USA.

All obstacles are freestanding and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

View the Affordable Agility, Agility Essentials Kit (on Amazon) 


Pawhut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit

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An affordable 4 piece kit

Comes with a square pause box, adjustable bar jump, weave poles and a round open tunnel

Includes ground stakes and rope for securing your obstacle course in place outdoors

The equipment is lightweight for quick and easy set up and to store away

Comes with three included carrying bags

Equipment is made of 190T polyester material that is designed to resist tearing and ripping during exercise and training

The equipment is blue and yellow

Dimensions: 1 x Tunnel Size: φ23.6″ x 58.3″L; 2 x Vertical Pole: 33.9″L x φ1.3″; 8 x Slalom Poles: – 23.6″H xφ1.3″; 1 x Crossbar: 33.5″L xφ1.3″; 1 x String Size: 94.5″L xφ0.2″ 

View the Pawhut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit (on Amazon) 


Best Dog Agility Starter Kit For Beginners: Buyer’s Guide

What To Look When Buying Agility Equipment

There’s probably two main things you want to look out for when buying agility equipment:

You get the number, type and size of agility equipment you want

You get equipment that isn’t made of super flimsy cheap material that will either collapse or break relatively easily


What Age Of Dogs Can Do Agility?

Check with your vet.

They will probably recommend your dog starts when their body and joints are at an age where they won’t be damaged by running, weaving and jumping.


Can I Make My Own Agility Equipment?

Some people do try to do this either with regular home items and objects, or with PVC piping.

However, it’s probably safer, quicker and easier to buy the equipment.


How To Train A Dog To Use Agility Equipment

Some agility kits come with an instruction booklet.

If not, it’s very easy to find agility training videos on YouTube.

A walkthrough of the course of the equipment one by one with your dog on a leash using a toy or a treat can be a good way to get your dog starting to get used to using agility equipment.


Potential Benefits Of Agility Training and Activity

Exercise for your dog

Mental stimulation for your dog

Build a stronger bond with your dog

Better obedience for your dog

Your dog gets to socialise with other pets if you take them to agility classes

You get the fun of seeing your dog do agility which is pretty cool


What Dogs And Breeds Of Dogs Can Do Agility?

Herding breeds tend to be the best.

However, most dogs can do agility from a recreational perspective as long as they can run, weave and jump – the equipment needs to match the size of the dogs obviously.

For competitive agility, ring dog clubs in your area for their rules and guidelines for agility competitions.



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