100+ Of The Best Cute & Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs



We don’t know about you, but we always get excited at halloween time.

The decorations, the food, the candy, the atmosphere and in particular the costumes are always fun to plan and look at.

If you’re thinking of including your dog in the celebrations this year, you’re probably looking for either some cute halloween costumes for your dog, or some funny halloween dog costumes – or, both!

The good news is there is plenty of both available across many different themes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best halloween costumes for dogs!

(P.S. if you’re looking for halloween dog costumes for large dogs specifically – you might like to check out this guide).


100+ Of The Best Cute & Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs

We’ve sorted the different costumes into their specific themes which you can check out below:

We will add to this list as we put together more cute and fun dog costume lists and guides.

Some other cute and funny halloween dog costumes not mentioned in the guides above that we still love are:


Halloween Pumpkin Dog/Pet Sweater and Costume

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What a better way to dress up in a halloween theme than with a cute pumpkin sweater. There’s even a skull design if that’s more your thing.

The black and orange colors on this sweater though really stand out.

Comes in 5 sizes – XS through to XL, and there’s a slight elasticity to each size.

It’s important to measure your dog’s neck, chest and back to make sure you get the right size.

XL is stated as 

  • Length: 18.1″ – Neck:16.1″ – Chest:20.9″ – and, it’s probably designed for roughly a 30-35lbs dog

Bear in mind this is a sweater, so you don’t want your dog wearing it if it’s too warm.

View Halloween Pumpkin Dog/Pet Sweater and Costume on Amazon


Star Barks Iced Coffee Latte Pet Costume

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Such a funny outfit if you want people to crack a giggle when they see your dog.

This is a parody ‘Star Barks’ costume with a ruffled headpiece, and ruffles body costume.

4 sizes available – small through to extra large.

XL is probably suitable for somewhere between a 30-50 lbs dog depending on the neck and chest measurements of your dog.

The only one thing to note about this costume is that the material could be a slightly better quality.

View Star Barks Iced Coffee Latte Pet Costume on Amazon


UPS Delivery Dog Halloween Costume With Arms

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Who wants their own delivery dog?

Now you can have a UPS delivery dog right in your own house haha!

This polyester fabric and foam costume has sleeves for dog’s front legs, a padded mid section and arms, and a foam visor. The body is fastened with velcro, while the visor has an elastic chin strap.

Available in 4 sizes – X Small through to X Large.

View UPS Delivery Dog Halloween Costume With Arms on Amazon


Holy Hound Dog Costume

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Another hilarious halloween costume of a holy nature.

This priest looking dress up has a printed gold and white head piece, a detachable red stole, and a printed red and white body.

It covers the front of your dog, and really does look funny once it’s on.

There’s 4 sizes available and it’s more intended for small to medium dogs.

View Holy Hound Dog Costume on Amazon


Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

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Ridiculous and hilarious to look at.

It is a saddle shaped costume with an easy to adjust strap, and a funny cowboy with rein in his hand on top.

If your dog is walking, it’s hard to keep the cowboy upright but it does still lean and not completely fall over.

Comes in 3 sizes, and is intended for small to medium dogs up to around 60 lbs.

View Cowboy Rider Dog Costume on Amazon


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